Forms, Fees, & Applications

This page is a one stop shop for all of the Planning Divisions Forms, Fees, Applications, and Process Guides. Please note that you can submit your formal application at any time to the City's Development Services Center front counter located at 5754 West Glenn DriveFor electronic submittals please submit a service request using the button below.

Please be aware that all application besides Zoning Verification Letter Requests, Group Home Site Research & Site Reservation, Medical Marijuana Site Research & Site Reservation, and Special Event & Seasonal Sales applications require the completion and submittal of the MASTER APPLICATION which can be found below under General.

NOTICE: All requests are required to meet the City of Glendale Codes.  However, your community may have covenants, codes and restrictions (CC&Rs) that are different or more restrictive than Glendale’s codes.  Therefore, please check the CC&Rs for your community to ensure you are in compliance.  The City of Glendale codes do not supersede more restrictive CC&Rs.

Lastly, prior to completing and submitting any application listed below please submit a Service Request (SR) to the Planning Division. This can be done by clicking the icon  below.  PLEASE DO NOT SKIP this step. 

If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding the information above please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Division's Contact Us page.