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Daniel Sabillon

Welcome to the Office of Arts & Culture!

Art is a form of communication that can serve as a connection between residents and the city in which they live.  Engaging in the arts brings people of diverse backgrounds together, helping to foster a sense of community. 

Glendale firmly believes that the arts play an essential role in instilling citywide pride and vitality, and therefore, takes its responsibility of enhancing residents' arts and cultural experiences seriously.

Key Objectives

  • To provide a broad range of arts and cultural experiences by commissioning and supporting production and presentation of the performing, visual and literary arts.
  • To place public art in locations where the largest audiences are anticipated, including major gathering places and high visibility sites.

Hilton Coming To Downtown

Glendale Announces Hilton Hotel In Downtown

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“Neighborhood Roots” comes to life at the Heroes Regional Park Library! The three integrated art elements that make up the Neighborhood Roots installation celebrate the natural and agricultural history of Glendale and the local Yucca District.