Mission Statement
We use effective procurement processes to ensure fiscal accountability.

Values Statement
We are a high-performing unit committed to assisting our internal and external customers by demonstrating the following behaviors:
            Transparent - We promote a competitive bidding environment when practical and we proactively provide accessible information about procurements.

            Ethical - We instill public confidence by conducting each procurement to ensure we obtain the best value for taxpayer dollars.

            Fair - We use effective evaluation methodologies and processes that guard against biasness and influence responsible decision-making.

            Innovative - We constantly evaluate our processes, policies, and rules with the goal of exceeding service expectations.

Vision Statement
To have the most trusted and efficient public procurement system in Arizona.

Strategic Plan 
Provide support to the City's Strategic Priorities. Perform customer service and procurement activities effectively, accurately, and timely and includes:

  • Continue training of City Employees on Procurement policies and procedures
  • Improve vendor performance and accountability

Increase research and development of Procurement Processes

The Procurement Division enables city departments to acquire quality materials and services needed city-wide in a timely and cost effective manner while maintaining an open and competitive bidding environment. Our focus is delivering the highest quality of service to vendors, contractors and employees. 



If you are a business owner and are interested in being added to the City of Glendale's database, please register through our Vendor Self Service (VSS) portal. When you register, please select commodity codes that will be closely related to your business. This will allow you to receive notifications any time an opportunity to do business with the City matches your services or good that you provide. 

Contact Us

5970 West Brown St. | Suite 210 | Glendale, Arizona 85301
Mailing Address: 5850 West Glendale Ave., | Suite 317 | Glendale, AZ 85301
P:(623) 930-2862

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