Glendale’s Revenue Recovery team is dedicated to collecting delinquent revenues owed to the City through a fair process involving direct collection and education.  If necessary, the team also utilizes third party collection agencies.

The Revenue Recovery team may perform field collection visits. Click here to learn what to do if you are approached by someone claiming to be collecting for the City of Glendale.

Office location:
City of Glendale
Revenue Recovery, Tax & License Division
5752 W Glenn Dr.
Civic Center Annex
Glendale, Arizona 85301

[email protected]

(623) 930-2239

Other Important Revenue Recovery Information

  • Filing back transaction privilege tax returns (prior to January 2017)
    If you received a Statement of Account listing tax periods “Not Filed”, this means tax returns for those periods have not been submitted to Glendale.  Contact Robert Birr, Revenue Recovery Supervisor (623) 930-2239 for assistance.
  • Purchasing an existing business (successor liability)
    A purchaser of an existing business can be held liable for past due taxes, interest and penalties owed by the seller of the business.  To avoid this successor liability, the purchaser must request from the seller a copy of a Certificate of Compliance (Letter of Good Standing).  The seller should obtain the Certificate of Compliance from the City’s Tax & License Division, which states that the seller does not have any amounts due the City of Glendale.
  • Lien Payoff Requests
    In some cases, the City of Glendale may file a lien if you fail to pay Transaction Privilege (Sales) and/or Use Tax. 

    If you would like to pay all amounts due and request the lien be released, contact Robert Birr, Revenue Recovery Supervisor (623) 930-2239 for assistance.

  • Debt Setoff
    The City may notify the Arizona Department of Revenue of its intent to seek an offset payment from your Arizona State Income Tax refund.  A collection fee of $9.00 will be charged. 
  • Collection Fees and Charges
    Any person who has a delinquent account maintained by the City will be responsible for all costs incurred by the City in collecting those delinquent funds.  This includes any direct costs incurred, including the cost of a third-party agency.
  • Third-party agencies
    If your delinquent account has been referred to a third-party agency, you must contact and pay them directly. Glendale is currently contracted with the following third-party agencies:

      Transworld Systems, Inc. 1-800-331-8019
      Bethune & Associates 1-800-783-5402
      Lippman Recupero, LLC 1-844-306-2232

    If your delinquent account has been referred to a third-party agency and you make a payment to City of Glendale, a portion of the payment will be applied to the collection agency fee leaving a balance remaining until the delinquent balance and the collection fee are paid in full.