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Levi Gibson - Director, Budget and Finance

The City of Glendale Budget and Finance Department provides financial management services, accounting, financial reporting, utility billing and collection services, sales tax and business licensing services, purchasing services and grants management to city departments, elected officials and citizens.

  • Finance provides financial reporting, accurate and timely financial information, and analysis to all internal and external customers, including Accounts Payable and Payroll.
  • Budget develops, implements, and analyzes expenditures and revenues as well as implements and monitors the city’s operating and capital budget.
  • Procurement works with departments and vendors to purchase goods and services.
  • Grants Administration is responsible for coordinating the city’s efforts to identify and obtain alternative funding for projects.
  • Tax and License ensures compliance in the privilege (sales) tax and licensing areas.
  • Customer Service and Billing provides customer service via the Call Center, billing, and cashiering for the city.
  • Collections is dedicated to collecting delinquent revenues owed to the City through a fair process involving direct collection and education. If necessary, the team also utilizes third party collection agencies.