Submit Electronic Plans

Electronic Plan ReviewWhile our Development Services public counter is closed for the time being due to the COVID-19 situation, we will be allowing plans to be submitted via email though for electronic review.


To submit you must include a completed permit application form, constructions drawings and additional calculations and/or specs in PDF format and submit to the email address above.


Include (1) PDF for all documents if possible. For example, include permit application, construction drawings, and calculations/specs under (1) PDF. If calculations and/or specs cannot be included under the (1) PDF then provide from a separate PDF for all of those. We are trying to minimize the amount of PDFs received in one email in order to allow for electronic review.


Use the fillable permit application form for your submittal.

What Can You Submit:
 Residential Projects

  • Swimming Pools
  • Solar Projects
  • Single Family Residential (House)

Commercial Projects

  • Tenant Improvement (occupancy types “B” and “M”, five thousand (5,000) Sq. Ft. and less, (no exterior work being done). Excluding restaurant TI's.
  • Signs/Banners

The Process


This document includes City of Glendale file preparation standards for electronic drawings and documents submitted as part of a building permit application. These file preparation standards are designed to ensure not only consistency at the application stage, but consistency in the City’s long-term document retention system. If your documents do not follow these preparation standards, your application may be rejected, and the review delayed.



To submit your building permit application for review, please note the following general requirements.

1. ALL documents should be submitted in PDF format as a complete set of documents and not as individual pages.

2. In order to optimize Bluebeam’s functionality, TrueType fonts are required for plan sets/drawings. Bluebeam cannot always recognize pixilated fonts, which may cause process errors. Recommended fonts include Ariel, Times New Roman, Courier, and Helvetica.

3. Documents other than plans, such as the permit application, agreements, reports, etc., must be submitted as separate documents using the files names (ex. Engineering Calcs, Soils Report, Drainage Report, etc) as Document Naming Standards.

4. Do not use RED as an ink color in drawings or documents.


Electronic File Preparation Standard

1. Submit project information form along with permanent documents and drawing.

2. To upload plans, click on the icon on the right side of the page.

3. Completion check of the plans will take place.


 Completeness Check

1. Your uploaded submittal will be checked for completeness.

2. If items are missing, you will be notified by email.

3. Plan Review Fees will be collected as part of the completeness check. 4. For a project to be considered a complete submittal, all drawings and documents should be uploaded and plan review fees paid.


Plan Check and Review

1. All required City Departments reviews your plans concurrently for efficiency.
2. If Corrections are requested, you will be notified via email on how to proceed.


Revision notification and plan resubmit

1. Upon email notification, you will receive a marked-up package describing any requested revisions or additions to the drawling | documents.

2. After you make the revisions or additions, upload the revised drawings | documents for the subsequent review cycle.



1. Once approved we will contact you regarding payment,once payment is received we will email you your documents and plans