E-Sports Info

class passWe are offering E-Sports opportunities and game streaming to engage residents in virtual programming while maintaining the safety for our community members.

We will be playing and streaming different games that appeal to a variety of skill levels and ages. The live streams are family friendly and moderated by Parks and Recreation staff. Participants will be able to engage in different contests and play for various types of prizes!

Glendale's Gamers is a Channel for Streaming and Gaming information for the gamers in the City of Glendale, Arizona

Upcoming Dates:  

August 9th, 4pm to 7pm - Join us on our YouTube Channel "Glendale Gamers" for some Rocket League!

August 16th, 4pm to 7pm - Time to Ready Up!  Join us for some Fortnite, and watch the stream live on our YouTube Channel "Glendale Gamers".

August 23rd, 4pm to 7pm - Join us as we play Fall Guys!  Now free across platforms and on PC, this is a great game to race, jump, slide, and Fall!  See you in the Chat Room on our YouTube channel "Glendale Gamers"!