Hiking & Trails

We invite you to enjoy the many miles of trails Glendale has to offer. You’ll find this information not only explains where the trails are, but also provides some information about how to safely use them. Enjoy! Download Trails Brochure (PDF)

Know Your Ability and Choose the Right Trail
Every year, more than 200 people have to be rescued while hiking in parks and preserves. Make an informed decision on which trail to hike. Choose a trail that is within your ability and your hike will be more enjoyable. All the trails are rated "Easy" below except for Thunderbird Conservation Park trails, which vary. Visit the Thunderbird Conservation Park's site for details. Click here for the Trail Rating Guide.
Trails Map
Remember, courtesy is contagious and, who knows, you may make a new friend!

Some of the rules and guidelines listed are covered in the Glendale City Park Code. Those that are laws have the code number in parentheses.