Department of Organizational Performance

The Department of Organizational Performance is dedicated to helping Glendale employees, divisions and departments achieve the following goals

  • Embed, deepen, and spread the strategic use of data within and across all departments
  • Lead the city's efforts in data governance, open data, and the What Works Cities program
  • Provide leadership in the city's performance management program
  • Promote transparency across the city focusing on areas of open data and performance tracking
  • Provide data analysis for departments who do not have their own staff to perform this work

Performance Management

The city of Glendale has established a balanced scorecard as the foundation for its strategic plan.  Each performance plan and dashboard in the city links back to the balanced scorecard.  The Department of Organizational Performance tracks the citywide Tier I key performance indicators and works with departments to help them establish and track their Tier II key performance indicators.  If departments need support to establish dashboards or monitor performance, the Department of Organizational Performance provides the needed skills and expertise.  Links to the citywide performance dashboards can be found on our performance website.

Data Governance

Organizational Performance also provides leadership for the city's data governance program.  Staff lead the Data Governance Oversight Committee and sit on the Data Governance Executive Steering Committee.  More information and documents can be found below.

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