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Understanding the Basics

Red TagA red tag is your opportunity to correct a problem before it becomes permanent. It can save you time, money and aggravation for years to come, and it can save your life if it alerts you to a serious hazard. 

Green Tag: A green tag is your assurance that the work done complies with building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical codes. It’s your signal to proceed to the next step. No portion of the work may be concealed, covered or put into use until it has been passed by the City of Glendale Building Inspector.

What to Do with Your Tags

If an item receives a red tag, correct the problem and call for another inspection. If a contractor is managing the project for you, you may want to check for green tags yourself to confirm that your contractor has been calling in and that the work is passing inspection.

If you manage the project yourself, you will call for inspections as the job progresses. Please see the instructions given to you with the permit. Remember that you must call before 5 a.m. to schedule an inspection for the same day. Try to plan ahead so that the job will be ready for inspection. You may want to be there to talk with the inspector, but you don’t have to be. Just make sure that you provide the inspector with access to the property, the job site copy of the permit and the approved job-site copy of the plans.

A Final Word

When your project has passed its final inspection and you’re enjoying the satisfaction of accomplishment and pride in your project, we would like you to look back over your experience with the City of Glendale Community Development Group and tell us if you were pleased or displeased. We hope that our office staff and our inspectors have all been of service to you. We welcome suggestions for improvement in the future.

Does my Permit Expire

Your building permit will remain valid for six months from the date of issuance. Once you start work, and pass your first inspection, your permit will remain valid as long as you continue to work, and call for inspections. If you stop work for more than six months, your permit will expire. So, if you experience unexpected problems with your project, such as construction delays, or a loss of income, please let us know. Your permit may be extended free of charge or renewed for a fee, depending on the circumstances. However, if you let more than a year pass by, then a new permit with new plans and full fees will be required.To renew/extend your permit click here.