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Since the implementation of centralized collection of sales tax in June 2016, many cities and towns in Arizona have struggled to piece together and connect the data and reports provided by the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR). Due to the complexity and volume of the data many cities and town have been unable to easily see and quickly use the data in a single place. Glendale’s AZ Tax Central can provide your city or town this very type of experience.

Guided and molded by Glendale’s Finance department and created in-house by Glendale’s Innovation & Technology team, Glendale’s AZ Tax Central is a solution built from collaboration on the principle of usability. We have taken all the data provided by ADOR and made it relatable and searchable. Some of the key features include:
  • Business Name Search
  • Address Search
  • License Number Search
  • Owner Linking
  • Statewide to Single Location Totals

Why did we create AZ Tax Central?

Question IconThe limitations of using 16% or less of key data meant Glendale was handicapped when searching for missing revenue and reviewing taxpayer compliance.

Like many other cities and towns Glendale attempted to use a small slice of the overall picture. Since June 2016 Glendale relied on only the ADOR data that related to itself and neighboring cities to perform sales tax administration activities.

By creating the AZ Tax Central to be an easy to use, easy to understand solution the city has seen:
  • A reduction in research time
  • An increase in efficiency
  • An increase in compliance monitoring
  • More accurate revenue review and reporting
We can help YOU achieve the same results.  

What can AZ Tax Central do for you?

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