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About Reverse 911

Reverse 911 is a computer system that allows the Glendale Police and Fire Departments to contact homes and businesses with important information or instructions during emergency situations. Glendale Police has used notifications for incidents such as vulnerable missing children and adults, shootings, and HAZMAT incidents. The Reverse 911 system is funded by a homeland security grant for Maricopa County region agencies. When you receive a Reverse 911 call, it will show up on Caller ID as REVERSE 911 with a 480 area code because the phone bank for the system is located in Mesa. Each message will have the option of English or Spanish and will also repeat in TDD tones for the hearing impaired. The program also leaves voice mail messages for those who miss the call. Currently, Reverse 911 is only available to land line phones, but Maricopa County 911 hopes to have the ability to register cell phones to be able to receive these calls in the near future.

Cell Phone Users Can Register for Emergency Notifications

Thanks to a regional investment in a new software system, you can register your cell phone or voice-over IP (VoIP) systems to receive emergency notifications. Learn more (pdf) | Register phone at https://az911.gov/rave-citizen-info-registration