The Weather Room

Mary Neubauer, artist 
November 2014 - October 2015

Weather Room 1

Weather Room Collage 1Collage

Over the past five years, Mary Neubauer has been developing a series of nature-based digital prints called the Alephs. Starting with photographs, weaving these images into surface maps: 2D images wrapped around three-dimensional forms.She inserts interference patterns and adds qualities of light and transparency. Gradually the shapes and patterns have become abstracted into crystalline distillations, facets or droplets of observed nature. The images are self-contained…encapsulating individual experiences into concise visual memories. Drawing from the dramatic environments of the American southwest, Neubauer continues to expand this series of work, focusing on the open skies, storm cycles, plants, creatures, and the challenging landscapes of the remote.

The Weather Room encapsulates a series of these images in an installation of a torrent of translucent raindrops, evoking a monsoon storm. Reflected and refracted in each raindrop is an image, or fragment of the overall environment in which we live. The droplets come together to embody the diversity and strangeness of nature, its sublimity and changing moods, and its ultimate power over the way we live.