The Glendale History Walk

Glendale History Walk
5835 W. Palmaire Avenue
Retail promenade of downtown parking structure

History Tile

The Glendale History Walk
Artist: Lynn Basa 

Byzantine glass mosaic 
Completed: November 2008

This unique history walk features 59 images relating to the history of Glendale embedded in the sidewalk at the promenade of the downtown parking structure retail area. Each vibrant mosaic offers insight into the evolution of Glendale. The history begins with the desert and as you stroll along the sidewalk, you will experience unique imagery including the Arizona canal, from which sprouted ranches, then railroads and roads allowing Glendale residents to ship their abundance of crops. And so it went as Glendale developed. Crops went out and the world came in, building bungalows in Catlin Court, bringing their temperate values, innovations, industry, education, entertainment and culture. And still the desert remains.

Click here for a PDF that shows all of the medallion tiles in the Glendale History Walk.