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Trash Collection Moved Curbside

Beginning Jan 1, 2022, some Glendale residents will see some changes in their trash collection. Refuse and bulk trash will be moved out of many alleys and on to the streets in front of people's homes. Residents will be notified by the city if there is a change to their service.


Rate Adjustments

Glendale City Council approved 5-year adjustments to the Solid Waste rates on January 11, 2022.  The new rates for 2022 will go into effect February 1, 2022.

February 1, 2022  Monthly Service rate$23.55  Extra Refuse fee$8.70

January 1, 2023   Monthly Service rate$24.80  Extra Refuse fee$10.25

January 1, 2024   Monthly Service rate$25.80  Extra Refuse fee$11.26

January 1, 2025   Monthly Service rate$26.80  Extra Refuse fee$12.27

January 1, 2026   Monthly Service rate$27.70  Extra Refuse fee$13.28

The City of Glendale’s Solid Waste Division provides residential garbage and recycling collection weekly. 

When are my services?

Garbage and recycling are picked up on the same day.

Refuse and Recycle Collection Day Map