Sustainable Homes

Sustainable Homes
Posted on 06/25/2024


Increasing rents, mortgages strain Arizonans

 The city of Glendale, in collaboration with Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), is championing the “Home is Where it All Starts” campaign.  This regional initiative envisions a future where every Arizonan has a place they can call home, one that is within their means and caters to their housing needs. This is not just a campaign but a movement to destigmatize “affordable” housing and shift the narrative to the importance of every Arizonan having a home.

 A basic human need is to have a safe, comfortable and sustainable home. However, the reality is stark. Many Arizonans are grappling with the burden of high rents and mortgages, often at the expense of other necessities. The Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University reveals a staggering statistic-Arizona needs 270,000 housing units to meet its residents' needs, and there are only 26 rental units for every 100 extremely low-income households. The situation is equally alarming in Glendale, where over 17% of residents meet the federal standards for poverty. In fact, the 2023 Annual Report, produced by the Arizona Department of Economic Security, stated that homelessness has increased over 29% since 2020.

"There is no one event or reason that a person experiences homelessness; rather there are typically many causes that contribute to this struggle as unique as the person suffering it," said Matthew Hess, city of Glendale Interim Deputy Director of Community Services. "The city of Glendale is not just acknowledging these struggles but is committed to addressing them and helping resolve homelessness. Our aim is to ensure that all residents have safe, stable places to call home."

To show support for the campaign and emphasize the importance of everyone having a place to call home, Mayor Jerry Weiers and the City Council proclaimed May as "Affordable Housing Month."

The city offers various services that provide comprehensive support to residents of all demographics who have experienced a loss of income, inability to afford rent or other expenses, and need assistance to regain stability.

The city's programs are designed to help people keep their homes, prevent homelessness, end homelessness and prepare for future homeownership. 

The emergency home repair programs help people keep their housing by bringing old homes up to standard and repairing items that pose health and safety risks.

The new THRIVE program uses success coaches to help clients prepare for homeownership and develop financial self-sufficiency.

 The rental assistance programs provide direct financial assistance to homeless residents or residents at risk of homelessness. Eligible residents can receive help with security and utility deposits and rent payments.

 Additionally, the city of Glendale has partnered with developers to add more than 1,300 affordable units by the end of 2025. These new developments will feature one- and two-bedroom units with market-quality amenities at affordable prices, including tech facilities, resource centers and pools. These innovative additions will address the need for affordable rental units and ensure that residents have high-quality housing options in the community they love.

 One of these upcoming developments, Centerline on Glendale, will soon open at 6775 N. 67th Ave. Developed by Gorman & Co., it will offer 368 units of mixed-income housing.

 Anyone interested in learning more about the City of Glendale's efforts to promote housing for all can contact the Community Revitalization Division at 623-930-3670 or visit the Community Services page at Community Services - City of Glendale (

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