Safe Conditions Amid Large Fire

Safe Conditions Amid Large Fire
Posted on 08/17/2023

City Of Glendale Confirms Safe Conditions Amid Large Fire

The city of Glendale is taking proactive safety precautions to ensure the air quality, water quality and debris cleanup from the large fire at 62nd and Myrtle Avenues does not pose a health threat to the safety of residents and the surrounding community.

The fire that ignited the evening of Saturday, August 12 is monitored by Glendale Firefighters, who continue to extinguish flare-ups and hot spots. The air quality is safe and continues to be monitored daily by the hazmat crews.

City-provided drinking water continues to test at the highest quality and the city’s water services team conducts multiple quality tests daily.

The water used by the firefighters, along with the burned vegetable oil and plastic materials, have caused a runoff collecting in the retention basin. While testing will continue to ensure safety, citizens should avoid coming in contact with the wastewater and take responsibility for children and pets. The city of Glendale has enlisted an environmental mitigation company to clean up the area along with Glendale Fire to actively remove the waste.

“The community’s safety is our top priority and we continue to monitor the area to ensure the health and well-being of our citizens,” says Deputy City Manager Rick St. John. “While the odor from the fire is still detected, the air samples continue to be safe.”

Glendale’s transportation department is also continuously cleaning the affected sidewalks and quickly addressing pooling water in the roadways.

Anyone with questions or concerns can call 623-930-2000, option 3.