Huggins Appointed As Development Services Director

Huggins Appointed As Development Services Director
Posted on 07/29/2022

Huggins will lead Glendale’s planning, zoning and building safety areas

The city of Glendale is pleased to announce that Randy Huggins has been appointed as the Director of Development Services. Huggins brings a vast resume of experience to the role, having been a general contractor before working in Glendale’s Development Services Department and then serving in the Office of Economic Development.

In his new role, Huggins will oversee the leadership and management of the Development Services Department. This department includes Planning, Zoning and Building Safety. It is the chief regulatory agency for the city, managing investment and growth. It ensures the city’s buildings and homes meet the expectations of residents.

"Randy has over 25 years of experience in the development industry's public and private sectors," said City Manager Kevin Phelps. "He understands that successful economic development requires a team approach. He is well prepared to continue the accelerated growth and prosperity Glendale has experienced over the last several years.”

Huggins spent 10 years working as a residential general contractor before joining Glendale’s Development Services Department in 2007 to help the city welcome and host Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLIX. After eight years of gaining a deep understanding of everything from zoning to permits and inspections, he transitioned into Glendale’s Office of Economic Development. As an Economic Development Officer, he oversaw the development of infrastructure and private development along the Loop 303 Corridor.

“It has been thrilling for me to serve this community and watch Glendale evolve into one of the biggest and most exciting growth areas in the state,” said Randy Huggins. “I moved to the city in 1985 just as the Arrowhead area converted from citrus orchards and am honored to lead these teams as we continue to make Glendale a city of choice for those who live and work here.”

Randy’s education includes a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree from the University of Arizona. As a member of Arizona State University’s Entrepreneurship Outreach Network, Randy taught a series of startup business classes and mentors new and growing businesses.

Randy’s first day in his new role is August 1, 2022.