Glendale Launches ‘Alive At 25’ Program

Glendale Launches ‘Alive At 25’ Program
Posted on 09/07/2022
First city in Arizona to offer the four-hour course designed by the National Safety Council

The city of Glendale is pleased to announce that beginning Monday, September 12, the city will launch its “Alive at 25” program at Ironwood High School. The program will take place the week of September 12 through 16. “Alive at 25” is a highly effective course that serves as an excellent complement to standard driver education programs. The city of Glendale is taking a proactive approach and offering the course to students for free as an incentive to better their driving practices.

“Through this partnership between the city of Glendale and the National Safety Council, we are hoping to expand this program into other schools,” said Ed Taube with the Arizona chapter of the National Safety Council. “The program currently is not being used in any public schools in our state, however, there are some privately owned driving schools that use this curriculum to help teach their young drivers.”

Participants in the class will learn the peril associated with speeding, distractions, peer pressure and driver inexperience. Topics discussed include current state laws related to speeding, impaired driving and seat belt and cell phone use, including texting. This program will be taught in conjunction with the student’s regular drivers education class and Johnston will assist in teaching the classes.

Vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24 and young drivers are at greater risk of being involved in a crash. Every hour, about 30 teens are injured in motor vehicle crashes involving an inexperienced driver. Each day, seven will die in those collisions. Crash avoidance is key when attempting to limit financial exposure and reduce liability. These dynamic and experienced instructors are uniquely qualified to discuss and instruct on a variety of traffic safety topics.

“The overall goal of this course is to create awareness in young drivers and help them recognize the risks they may face on the road,” said Glendale’s Traffic Education Program Manager Cassandra Johnston. “This program aims to help young drivers focus on their own driving behaviors and choices so that they can take responsibility for their conduct in driving situations and adopt safer driving practices.”

“Alive at 25” is a four-hour driver's awareness course designed by the National Safety Council for young drivers ages 15-24. It is a highly interactive program that teaches young adults how to make safe, respectful and legal driving decisions.