Super Bowl Activations Support Glendale Businesses

Super Bowl Activations Support Glendale Businesses
Posted on 03/01/2023

Glendale Airport VIP Lounge Experience welcomed record number of guests and planes while Locals Guide allows visitors an interactive tool to drive economic benefits for local merchants

The city of Glendale used the recent Super Bowl week to create a unique experience at the Glendale Airport Fixed Base Operator (FBO), highlighting the depth of public and private development which has occurred in recent years. The “Glendale Experience Lounge” allowed the City’s Economic Development Division to have an intimate 1:1 engagement with local high-net-worth individuals flying into the valley. Discussions centered on the $1.2 billion recently invested in the Sports & Entertainment District as well as the city’s redevelopment of Downtown Glendale, the booming healthcare industry and 20 million square feet of manufacturing/industrial development along the Loop 303. 
“We’ve created this experience to engage with people globally who were flying into the valley for the first time,” said Christian Green – Economic Development Officer for the City of Glendale. “It’s part of a larger strategic plan to proactively engage at targeted events and share how the City of Glendale is the economic juggernaut of the valley. Through years of carefully executed strategies, we have positioned this community as a leader in economic growth for the region and state.”
With over 430 inbound/outbound flights, the week of February 5th-13th was the busiest for the Glendale Airport in recent years. From celebrities to corporate guests, nearly 1,000 guests came through the Glendale Airport for the Big Game.  
Glendale’s Fixed Base Operator (FBO), Glendale Aero Services was the setting for the Airport VIP Lounge Experience. In the space, the economic development team provided an immersive experience for visitors. Exiting the aircraft, they were greeted by “Welcome to Glendale” signs. Once inside the FBO, they could relax in the lounge or enjoy grab-and-go meals while learning about the growth Glendale has experienced in recent years.  
The space included vignettes from established Glendale manufacturers like Mark Anthony Brewing, maker of White Claw, Cayman Jacks and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Also on display, a preview of the cabana offering that will be available at VAI Resort. Currently under construction, the development will be the largest resort in Arizona. Mattel Adventure Park and Red Bull also had a presence in the space, thus creating a variety of places for guests to mingle and lounge as they waited for their transportation. 
Feedback from the weeklong event was highly positive. Upon arrival, guests received a clear “stadium-approved” bag filled with Glendale items. As they departed, each place was given a “farewell” hospitality bag that featured Glendale businesses.     
Also included in the welcome bag was the Locals Guide to Glendale. To support local businesses, the Economic Development team launched the Locals Guide to Glendale to help highlight local businesses for visitors to patronize during their time in the city. Over 2,000 flyers and posters were distributed to local hotels and companies. The guide was also promoted in Glendale hotel rooms and lobbies along with a welcome video featuring Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers. Another critical component of the program was incorporating art to help promote it. The economic development team commissioned local artist Laura Thurbon and worked with local partners from Westgate Entertainment District and Arrowhead Towne Center to paint large murals on the properties to help promote the guide. The whole program and virtual guide were featured by local media both in broadcast and print formats.  
With additional development and growth underway across the city, Glendale will be center stage as it hosts the NCAA Final Four in 2024.