Make A Difference

Support Homeless Persons Needing Assistance 
To request help for those that are homeless and in need of assistance, residents may call Glendale Homeless Solutions Hotline at 623-207-8902 or use and select the service request type "Homelessness" and we will notify our street outreach partners.   

Support Housing Development
There is a perception that affordable rental or high-density, for-sale housing built near single-family housing will decrease property values or increase crime, but that is generally not the case[1]. Affordable developments that serve low-income households are owned and operated by long-term ownership groups who provide professional management and onsite wrap-around services for their residents and typically target special populations like seniors, disabled, families, and persons exiting homelessness. It is important for cities to recognize that the cost of land is a major factor in housing costs and failure to support smaller lot sizes in urban areas contributes to high housing costs and shortages[2]. It also has the impact of limiting homeownership opportunities to higher income households.  To learn more about the State of housing in our region visit the Maricopa Association of Governments website at



Support Healthy Giving or Volunteer with Organized Providers[3]
The best way to be a part of the solution is to donate time or funding to organizations that have a proven track record of delivering true results – helping people get from homeless to housed. While there are many organizations and benevolent groups that organize activities to serve homeless people, unless those activities include case management and housing programs, the investments are not likely to be a lasting solution to end the homeless crisis. Some financial donations may qualify for Arizona Tax Credits. Click here for a list of the service providers that deliver services through the Glendale Homeless Solutions Alliance for reference. We also encourage residents to visit to get the biggest impact for their contribution.

[3] This is not an endorsement of any organization or an exhaustive list of giving or volunteer options.

Additional Resources 

For additional local and national resources visit the following: