Council Approves Rezoning of 188 Acres

Council Approves Rezoning of 188 Acres
Posted on 09/13/2022
Newly created PAD will allow for mixed-use development known as “Vision 2”

As a result of a multi-year public private collaborative effort, the Glendale City Council recently voted to approve the rezoning of 188 acres for mixed use development. This zoning action is extraordinary as the largest strategically positioned mixed use shovel ready site along the loop 101 in Glendale. The 188 acres are located south of Glendale Avenue and west of the Loop 101 in Glendale’s dynamic sports and entertainment district. This signature opportunity is prime for development, adjacent to some of the most iconic buildings and landmarks in the Valley, supporting a robust experiential entertainment and tourism mecca.

The city worked with the ownership groups for nearly two years to maximize this parcel’s unique opportunities to host additional signature lifestyle and entertainment options and to continue the synergy in this one-of-a-kind entertainment complex.

Current estimates indicate that Glendale’s Sports and Entertainment District has over a billion dollars worth of active experiential projects under construction, with another half billion dollars of investment expected to commence within a year. There is no place in Arizona that has this caliber and line up of high-end experiential retail projects. Additionally, the District has nearly 50 restaurants, almost 1 million sq. ft of retail, 22,500 parking spaces, a major Convention Center, the 72,000 seat State Farm Stadium and the 17,700 seat Desert Diamond Arena (one of the top concert venues in the Southwestern United States.)

This newly approved Planned Area Development (PAD) was strategically created to bring a high quality master-planned development, providing the foundation for high-intensity, pedestrian active, mixed-use/urban growth. The PAD will allow for a cohesive development that will support economic growth through employment, residents, and additional entertainment venues in an intense urban environment.

With the capital investment and recent completion of Ballpark Boulevard, a 1.6 mile stretch of road that connects Camelback Ranch with the Sports & Entertainment District, this development which strategically and ideally lies between these heavy draws will serve to both infill and connect the entire fabric of the Sports and Entertainment District.

“As we continue to further cement our position as a job center in the Valley, we have targeted goals of where we want to be for the number of jobs provided in our community,” said Glendale City Manager Kevin Phelps. “This directly affects our residents’ quality of life and will continue to make Glendale a community of choice.”

The PAD identifies generally permitted land uses and specifically outlines prohibited land uses. The components throughout the PAD assure thematic architectural features, colors, building materials, common area elements, and signage while still allowing each building element to be distinctive. “Land uses and development standards were created to allow flexibility to meet market demands,” said Development Services Director, Randy Huggins. “The approved PAD provides minimum development standards for building heights and open space requirements in keeping with the massing of the existing built environment.”

During the rezoning process and as required by statute the city of Glendale sought citizen participation at various stages. The property owners anticipate the construction of a mixed-use development that will include land uses such as office, retail, hospitality, and high density multifamily residential. The various complementary uses and buildings throughout Vision 2 are proposed to be unified using thematic features, colors, building materials, common area elements, and signage while still allowing each building element to be distinctive.

The rezoning action provides appropriate entitlements to meet market demands by attracting the highest and best end-users to develop this uniquely positioned property. The city will continue to concentrate efforts on attracting additional private investments focusing on the experiential entertainment market. The opportunities are far reaching and within our grasp. The future is bright, exciting and entertaining in Glendale.

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