Heroes Regional Park Lake

Heroes Regional Park Lake
Posted on 05/24/2021
The city of Glendale today officially broke ground on the Heroes Regional Park Lake. The new lake provides a broad range of active and passive recreational activities for the entire community. At 4 acres in size and 13 feet deep, the design includes accommodations for casual, urban, family-friendly fishing experiences, and will draw residents from throughout the community to enjoy its many amenities, including ramadas, fishing decks and walking trails. Water comes to life with a dazzling waterscape fountain featuring lights that change colors and a night-glow lighting system. Lighting is customizable and can be programmed for holiday events. This project is also a significant milestone toward completion of the Master Plan.

Glendale Mayor Jerry P. Weiers, Yucca District Councilmember Joyce Clark and fellow councilmembers were on-site with shovels in hand to help bring the long-term vision for the 81-acre park one step closer to completion.

“I am proud of all the time and effort this Council has committed to overcoming and stabilizing the city’s financial position which allowed us to take one more step to completing Heroes Regional Park,” said Mayor Jerry Weiers. “This urban lake was always part of the park’s master plan and as an avid sportsman and firm believer in people enjoying the outdoors, an amenity like this, in this area just make sense.”

Yucca District Councilmember Joyce Clark has been a longtime advocate of Heroes Regional Park, which also features a splash pad, skate park, volleyball and basketball courts, playground areas, an archery range and picnic ramadas. “Yucca district residents and I are so pleased and excited to see the start of construction on another element of Heroes Regional Park,” said Councilmember Clark. “This new fishing lake, only the second in Glendale, will bring seniors and youngsters together to participate in a timeless recreational activity. The lake will become another amenity, along with our major sports teams, golf and the coming Crystal Lagoons Island Resort® that will attract families to western Glendale to enjoy a wide array of sports and entertainment.”

Longtime resident Tom Traw, who lives across the street from the future lake, was also part of the ceremony.

Located on the northeast corner of 83rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road, the new Heroes Regional Park Lake will be part of the Arizona Game and Fish Urban Fishing Program. It will be stocked with fish throughout the year, including rainbow trout in the winter and bluegill, sunfish and catfish in the warmer months. The lake will also include aeration equipment to ensure water quality and aquatic habitat.

The lake is scheduled to be completed later this year.