Crystal Lagoons Island Resort

Crystal Lagoons Island Resort
Posted on 06/10/2021

UPDATE: The groundbreaking ceremony for Crystal Lagoons Island Resort brought a groundbreaking announcement for the City of Glendale.

A Mattel-themed adventure park will be built alongside the lagoon, featuring a Hot Wheels rollercoaster, a Thomas & Friends indoor theme park, go-karts and much more.


Global entertainment and experiential leader, Crystal Lagoons® has chosen Glendale for a one-of-a-kind attraction. ECL Glendale, LLC will develop Crystal Lagoons®, Island Resort, a mixed-use project unique to the Southwest.

As a first step in the process to bring this development to Glendale, the City Council has voted to approve a development agreement and Government Property Improvement Leases.

The main feature of the project will be an 11-acre Public Access Lagoon™ that will be up to 10-feet deep. Crystal Lagoons® is the world's leader in water innovation and technology, which transforms any corner of the world into an idyllic beach paradise, making them the perfect fit for the Sports & Entertainment District. With developments across the globe including Dubai, Japan, Brazil and South Korea, the private investment by ECL Glendale, LLC once again puts Glendale on the world stage as an entertainment hub.

These monumental crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sand beaches, can be accessed via ticketed entry. Crystal Lagoons® is internationally recognized for their contributions to communities and for the added value they bring to cities and regions. “Crystal Lagoons®, the World's Top Amenity ®, is excited to bring the first branded Crystal Lagoons®, Island Resort entertainment destination to Glendale, Arizona,” says Crystal Lagoons® Vice President, Eric Cherasia. “As you will see in our announcements over the next few months, we have teamed with some of the world’s top attraction, entertainment, and hospitality brands to create the next wave in entertainment destinations.”

With the allure of year-round beach life and activities, Crystal Lagoons® catalyzes a wide array of revenue streams.

“We’re excited for this project on many fronts, but two really stand out,” says Glendale City Manager Kevin Phelps. “Not only will this be a great example of experiential retail, which is the only area of growth in brick & mortar development over the past 10 years, but this project further cements Westgate as the largest Sports and Entertainment District in Arizona.”

In addition to the lagoon, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy 7 islands, each with their own theme, retail spaces, Fly and 4-D theaters, venue space, restaurants, a family entertainment center, amusement rides, office space, 600 plus hotel rooms and more.

"I am so excited and pleased to announce yet another private investment project for the ever-growing Yucca District,” says Yucca District Councilmember Joyce Clark. “It brings a new level of adventure, recreation and entertainment that complements our vision for the Westgate area. I thank our new, visionary partners for their confidence in Glendale as their location of choice. Tonight's action emphasizes this council's goal of job creation that will further support our community."

Located at the Southeast corner of Cardinals Way and the Loop 101, the Crystal Lagoons®, Island Resort is expected to bring an estimated $700.8 million in new sales, property and bed tax revenues to the city, county and state over the next 25 years. Glendale’s portion of the revenues are estimated at $240.5 million.

As part of the project deal structure, on September 22, 2020 the City Council will act on additional agreements to support this project.

“I am so proud of the continued successes in the Sports & Entertainment District,” says Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers. “An amenity of this magnitude adds to Westgate’s mega event appeal and will generate significant revenue to support residents, businesses, and the state as a whole.” A project of this type is a testament to the trust and faith that businesses continue to have in Glendale.”

Another key attraction with the resort that brings a unique food and beverage experience to visitors is Aerophile’s Aerobar. At 130-feet tall, it will be the highest element in the development and will provide guests a unique view of the Sports & Entertainment District and the Valley. Similar attractions already operate in France and Dubai.

The Crystal Lagoons® Island Resort is planned as a single-phase development that is expected to be open to the public in 2022 ahead of Glendale’s hosting of Super Bowl in 2023.

Upon completion, the Crystal Lagoons®, Island Resort is estimated to bring 1,800 net new jobs to Glendale.