Homicide Victim Registry

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Welcome to the Glendale Police Department’s Homicide Cold Case Registry

Homicide Cold Case detectives are responsible for any homicide case that remains unsolved for one year or more after being reported AND has no viable and unexplored investigatory leads.

Pursuant to ARS 13-4271, the Glendale Police Department Homicide Cold Case Registry is for victim family members or other lawful representatives of a victim of a cold case homicide who wish to be included in the registry.

Registrants will be provided the following:

  1. The contact information for the law enforcement agency.
  2. Information on any new developments with the cold case.

The registry provides a way for families to designate a primary family contact person. Using current contact information, the family representative will be notified if something new happens with the case. It is helpful to have one primary family contact who relays information to the rest of the family. So, please discuss with your family and make a decision as to who this primary contact is going to be.

To register for the Registry, fill out the form below.

Victim Registry Online Form

When we receive the completed form it will be reviewed to ensure that the person who is registering is actually a family member or lawful representative and then that person will be notified of his/her inclusion on the registry.

You will receive notification once your request has been approved.

So that we can best respond to you, please fill out as much of the form as possible.