Proposed Water & Sewer Rates

After a review of the Water Services Five-year Financial Forecast by a financial consultant, the results and two financial plans for rate increases were presented to the Citizens Utility Advisory Commission for consideration and recommendation to Council.

The Council provided consensus at the June 8, 2021 Workshop to begin public outreach regarding proposed water and sewer rate increases. Public outreach is an important step to inform residents and businesses about proposed rates as Glendale works to maintain efficient and reliable operations and improve our water and wastewater infrastructure.

On July 27, 2021, the city conducted a live informational meeting on proposed water and sewer rate adjustments.  As it was happening, you could attend or watch the meeting on the city’s Glendale 11, Facebook, or YouTube channels. At the end, questions from the audience as well as questions submitted online were answered. The video of the meeting is available below to watch along with other informational videos about Water Services. While numerous questions were answered at this meeting, we still welcome your questions. Please submit questions to: [email protected], or call us at 623-930-4100.

The Council adopted a Notice of Intention to increase rates at its August 10, 2021 voting meeting. The Notice of Intention also set October 26, 2021 at 5:30pm as a date for a public hearing and vote on the proposed rates. The Council Report and Resolution for adoption are available to view by clicking here.

Supporting Documents

Financial Plan, Rate Study Report, & Supporting Data

Calculate My Monthly Bill for the Proposed Water & Sewer Rates

Utilize the attached file to calculate an estimate of the increase to your monthly water & sewer bill based on the 2022 proposed rate changes.  Click on the "Calculate My Water & Sewer Bill" link below to open the file, enable editing, then enter the Customer Class, Meter Size, and Estimated Consumption Fields to calculate the average monthly bill. Calculate My Water & Sewer Bill


Public Water Meeting July 27, 2021

Proposed Rates Informational Video

(Spanish subtitles included)

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