Barricade Permit Procedures

1. All restrictions require a barricade permit, this includes:

2. Contractors must use a barricade company that has been certified to work in the City of Glendale. (List)

3. A traffic control plan must be submitted at least three (3) working days prior to the start of the scheduled work.  Each plan must be accompanied by a traffic control plan application form.

4. Each plan will be reviewed and the lane-use fees will be assessed according to the restrictions shown on the plan and the dates on the information sheet.  Each plan will be assigned a permit number (example BAR: 12345).

5. The contractor or designed must take the approved plan and permit fee (see Transportation Service Fees) payment (if applicable) associated with the permit to the 2nd floor counter at City Hall; the permit will be issued.  This permit must be present at the work site at all times. 

6. Per the City of Glendale Barricade Ordinance, permit fees and review fees shall double if the request for permit is submitted less than three (3) business days in advance of the proposed commencement of the work or if a continual closure (twenty-four (24) hours) is approved. The Transportation Director or designee may grant time extension. Costs associated with a time extension are double the rates for barricade use permits.

7. If a restriction extension is requested, a new plan and information sheet must be submitted and the lane-use fees will double for the length of the extension.

8. All restrictions on city of Glendale streets and right-of-way are susceptible to civil sanctions if the restriction is in violation of the City of Glendale Barricade Ordinance. 

9. If you have questions regarding the barricade permit process or different parts of your project related to right-of-way closures, please contact us at 623-930-2940 or by email

Block Party Permit 
Application to Set up Barricades in the Right of Way (pdf)
City of Phoenix Barricade Manual

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