Floodplain Determinations 

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides federally backed insurance within communities that enact and enforce floodplain regulations. The City of Glendale participates in the NFIP thru the Community Rating System (CRS) program which is administered and overseen by the Engineering Department. The Department was recently audited by a CRS Specialist as part of the required 5-year verification visit (March 2018). The city was notified in early October that, due to the ongoing efforts and overall management of the program, the City has maintained its CRS Class 7 rating.  This CRS Class 7 rating gives a 15% premium reduction to federal flood insurance policies for properties within the Special Flood Hazard Area (floodplain) and a 5% premium reduction in policies outside the SFHA. The City’s next verification visit will be in 2023 with annual certifications held each October till then.

Property owners can request a verification of floodplain condition by filling out a Map Information Form that can be faxed to the city's GIS division or hand delivered at the GIS counter on the third floor of City Hall.