Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission

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What is Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission (MYAC)?

MYAC engages high school students from across Glendale and provides them with opportunities to make a positive impact in the city by getting involved in their local government and community.

Members will have the opportunity to refine their communication and leadership skills and establish leadership skills that they will carry with them their entire lives and have confidence to succeed in the future.

The Commission was created on July 29, 1986 by Mayor George Renner to "encourage Glendale’s youth to have pride in our community and to become tomorrow’s leaders."

MYAC is made up of a dynamic group of students with the goal of dedicating their time to serving their community. Are you interested in taking an active role in community events and volunteer activities? Would you like to learn more about city government? Then MYAC is for you!

Members can be a high school student who lives within the municipal boundaries of Glendale OR attend a high school within the municipal boundaries of Glendale.

Frequently Asked Questions