Over The Counter Fire Department

OTC Permit Types and Criteria:

Underground Fireline Stub Out – Installation of an underground fire line stub out, 20 feet or less in length, for fire sprinkler riser. (Intended for installation of underground fire line piping on private property connecting the above ground fire sprinkler pipe to the underground water supply outside of the public right of way).

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring System – Installation of a fire sprinkler riser monitoring system up to 5 devices for the indication of water flow and valve supervision. (Intended for installation of a dedicated function fire alarm control unit, radio dialer, cellular dialer, applicable switches, devices, and components to monitor fire sprinkler system activations).

Fire Alarm Modification – Modification to fire alarm systems of up to 5 devices. (Intended for tenant improvement modifications to fire alarm system notification devices, monitor modules, access control release, and other applicable devices).

Fire Sprinkler Modification – Modification to sprinkler systems; up to 20 sprinkler heads. (Intended for tenant improvement modification of sprinkler system not requiring calculations or pressure testing).