Lighting the Ages

Main Public Library
5959 W. Brown Street
(59th Avenue & Brown Street)

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Lighting the Ages
Myk Bates
Cast Glass, Painted Glass, and Stainless Steel
June, 2009

Lighting the ages for the Main Public Library was a project that involved lighting a corridor connecting the main portion of the library with the youth section. The work needed to bring light into the dark corridor and also be something the children could enjoy. Using images of dinosaurs, handprints from children who frequent the library, and Braille as a design element on the lighted columns was the way to accomplish the intent. The Braille is raised on the surface of the glass and can be enjoyed by those with limited or no vision as well as those who have standard sight. The dinosaurs are exciting for the children who walk through the corridor and the hand prints encourage the children to touch the glass.