Art is a form of communication that can serve as a connection between residents and the city in which they live. Thus, public art has the potential of fostering a sense of community identity. Glendale firmly believes that public art is an essential element in instilling citywide pride and vitality, and therefore, takes its responsibility of enhancing residents' experience of the arts seriously.

Key Objectives

To provide a broad range of arts and cultural experiences by commissioning and supporting production and presentation of the performing, visual and literary arts.

To place public art in locations where the largest audiences are anticipated, including major gathering places and high visibility sites.


In 1983, Glendale City Council establishes an Ordinance to facilitate the inclusion of works of art in public areas. At the time, the Ordinance directs that 1/2 of 1 percent of total eligible capital project budgets be deposited into the municipal arts fund.

In 1983, the City of Glendale creates the first Public Arts Commission in the state. Comprised of seven citizen volunteers the Commission acts in an advisory capacity to City Council.

In 1984, the Arts Commission acquires its first two artworks created specifically for Glendale, “Arizona Promise,” by Robert McCall, and “Glendale Pioneers, 1910,” by Richard Szwarocky, which remain in the Portable Collection.

In 1991, City Council expands the Ordinance to include the performing arts.

In 1998, City Council amends Ordinance to increase funding to a full 1 percent.

In 2005, the Ordinance was amended to update definitions, procedures for expenditures and clarify terms, officers and duties for the Arts Commission.

In 2005, City Council approved the Glendale Guidelines for the Arts, an enabling policy document, providing a strategic framework for long range decision making and focused guidance for project and program implementation planning, representing the continuing evolution of the City’s efforts to enhance its visual and cultural environment

Arts Commission

Advises the City Council on the the formulation of Glendale’s Municipal Arts Plan, which includes public art projects, art grants and community arts activities.  

Seven members appointed by the City Council for two-year terms.

The 4th Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. Please confirm upcoming meeting dates and locations by checking the publicly posted agendas.

For meeting agendas, minutes, and a list of current members, click here.