Transportation Projects

- John Penic - Glendale Municipal Airport
Ballpark Boulevard Project 

Access improvements are coming to Camelback Ranch Glendale!  Ballpark Boulevard serves as the main entry to the Camelback Ranch Spring Training Complex (107th & Camelback Rd). This project will extend the existing roadway and connect the training complex with the Westgate Sports and Entertainment District and Loop 101. The new interim roadway is approximately 1.5 miles long and will have three lanes of traffic.  Improvements also include underground utilities, a new pedestrian hybrid beacon crosswalk, a bridge crossing and culvert crossing.

Due to its proximity to the Westgate Sports and Entertainment District, as well as it being immediately adjacent to the Loop 101, there is a high volume of traffic associated with shopping, entertainment, and sporting events in the area. This roadway extension closes a significant gap in the system and provides traffic options for getting between the two venues along with supporting planned development along the Maryland Avenue alignment. 

The estimated cost of the project is $13.3 million which includes roadway and bridges at $10.5 million. Water Services and Parks make up the rest of the cost. The project is expected to be completed by Spring 2020. 

For up to date project information contact Kristin Darr with Central Creative at 602-368-9644 (O) or 602-750-7139 (M).

Northern Parkway Project 

The Northern Parkway project extends 12.5 miles between Loop 303 and US 60 (Grand Avenue) in northwestern Maricopa County. When completed, Northern Parkway will be a high capacity, limited access roadway with overpasses at major intersections. The project is a partnership between Maricopa County, the Cities of El Mirage, Glendale and Peoria, and the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG).

For more information visit project web page hosted by Marciopa County Department of Transportation

Northern Parkway map

Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project 

Starting September 30, 2019, the City of Glendale and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) are partnering on a Pedestrian Safety Improvement project to install continuous sidewalk along Orangewood Avenue from Grand Avenue to 67th Avenue and along 67th Avenue from Glendale Avenue to Orangewood Avenue. 

Work hours are 7am - 3pm Monday through Friday, although some night and/or weekend work may be necessary.  Access to businesses and residences will be maintained. 

This project is expected to last into Spring of 2020. For more information including traffic restrictions call the construction hotline at 602-235-2896. 

Construction Notice - English and Spanish (pdf)

Construction Area
Construction Area - Spanish

Camelback Road Reconstruction Project (43rd Ave - 51st Ave)



The City and its contractor, Combs Construction, will be reconstructing Camelback Road, from 43rd Avenue to 51st Avenue because the roadway has reached the end of its life-cycle. Construction is expected to begin in July 2019 and will take approximately 8 months to complete. Improvements will include the following:

  • New Sidewalks
  • New Curbs & Gutters
  • New Driveways
  • New Waterline
  • New Asphalt Surface.

Federal Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) guidance will be followed.

work involv
es the removal of the existing asphalt roadway and the rebuilding of the road from the dirt sub-grade through the asphalt pavement surface. This method is used to remove any unsuitable materials and is typically applied in areas where the pavement is showing significant areas of major distress and where it is unlikely that any other type of treatment will properly repair the street.

Reconstruction of a roadway allows the pavement life-cycle clock of a road to be reset for another 20 to 30 years, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and efficient driving experience!!

City residents may expect the following for the duration of the project:

  • Camelback Road will have alternating east and westbound lane restrictions, beginning with eastbound construction activities.
  • Access to driveways and side streets will be maintained, however, temporary restrictions will occur throughout construction.
  • Advance notifications will be provided for any temporary water outages.
  • Please observe all signs and barricades, and pay attention to flagmen and police officers in the area.
Construction Notice (pdf)


Construction began in July 2019 and is proceeding on-schedule, with completion anticipated in March 2020.

Construction Milestones:

  • Waterline installation is approximately 40% complete with more than 2,300 ft of waterline installed to-date.

  • Roadway reconstruction is approximately 45% complete, and the base course asphalt on the south side of Camelback Road is completed.

 Upcoming Construction Activities:

  • From 01/20 to 01/24/2020, the contractor will be installing the new waterline across 45th Avenue on the north side of Camelback Road. During this time, 45th Avenue will be closed north of Camelback Road. Construction Notice (pdf)

  • From 01/31 to 02/10/2020, the contractor will be installing the new waterline across 51st Avenue on Camelback Road. Work at this intersection is scheduled to occur at night and over two weekends. Construction Notice (pdf)

  • The waterline is expected to be completed in February 2020.

 For the most up to date project information, please call the project hotline at 623.455.6655.

Flashing Yellow Arrow

Flashing Yellow Arrow

The use of flashing yellow arrows (FYA) at signalized intersections to control left turning traffic was recently approved by the federal government after studies concluded that flashing arrows provide numerous benefits including:

  • Enhanced understanding by motorists when using arrows instead of solid green indications;
  • Enhanced safety; and
  • Improved operation by minimizing delays.

FYA at a traffic signal includes a flashing yellow arrow signal head in addition to the standard red, yellow and green arrow heads over the left-turn lane. When illuminated, the flashing yellow arrow allows waiting motorists to make a left-hand turn after yielding to oncoming traffic. Otherwise, the new traffic signals work the same as traditional signals. The City of Glendale has begun a program to convert left-turn movements at various signalized intersections to FYA operation with the purpose of improving safety and operations.  Current locations with flashing yellow arrows include:

    • 59th Avenue & Glendale Avenue
    • 59th Avenue & Olive Avenue (during nighttime and weekends)
    • 51st Avenue & Peoria Avenue
    • 59th Avenue & Union Hills Drive
    • 51st Avenue & Glendale Avenue
    • 67th Avenue & Deer Valley Road
    • Dysart Road & Glendale Avenue
    • 75th Avenue & Deer Valley Road
    • 99th Avenue & Cardinals Way
    • El Mirage Road & Glendale Avenue
    • 83rd Avenue & Bethany Home Road
    • 91st Avenue & Montebello Avenue
    • 95th Avenue & Camelback Road
    • 67th Avenue & Pinnacle Peak Road
    • 67th Avenue & Bell Road
    • 59th Avenue & Thunderbird Road
    • 59th Avenue & Bell Road
    • 59th Avenue & Peoria Avenue
    • 59th Avenue & Northern Avenue
    • 51st Avenue & Northern Avenue
    • 67th Avenue & Olive Avenue
    • 67th Avenue & Glendale Avenue
    • 75th Avenue & Glendale Avenue

 HAWK Pedestrian Crossing Signals 

A HAWK (High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk) pedestrian beacon that resembles a traffic signal light, but is pedestrian activated, have been installed at four locations in Glendale. Traffic is stopped only when the push-button is activated by someone waiting to cross the roadway. A new single north/south crosswalk was installed at the west leg of the intersection. Additional improvements included the installation of new sidewalk, curb and gutter, ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps, reflective pavement markings and other related activities.


HAWK locations include:
60th Avenue and Bethany Home Road
65th Avenue and Glendale Avenues
63rd Avenue and Beardsley Avenues
65th Avenue and Bethany Home Road

For more information on how the HAWK works: