Traffic Mitigation Devices

The City of Glendale shall ensure that traffic mitigation devices are applied in such a manner as to accomplish the following:
  • Maintain reasonable emergency vehicle access at all times.
  • Encourage the use of arterial and collector streets for what might otherwise become cut-through traffic.
  • Maintain reasonable access for property owners and services vehicles

The City of Glendale only considers devices and/or signage that is warranted in the latest edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Types of Traffic Calming Devices used in Glendale:

 Traffic Circle  Median Island
 Traffic Circle Median Island 
 Speed Radar Sign  Choker
 Speed Radar Sign Choker
 Speed Cushions  Speed Table
 Cushions  Speed Table
 Raised Intersection  Pavement Markings
 Raised Intersection  Pavement Markings