Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation 

Safety, vehicle speeds and high traffic volumes on residential streets are some of the greatest concerns expressed by Glendale residents.  As a result, Glendale's Transportation Department has a neighborhood traffic mitigation program to identify possible solutions to these concerns.

This program involves working with residents to address their quality of life concerns and successfully testing and implementing ways to address safety and speeding utilizing a variety of traffic control devices. These devices range from traffic circles, speed cushions, raised medians and strategically placed radar speed signs.  Each traffic control device should be used appropriately depending on neighborhood circumstances.

Every neighborhood in Glendale is unique, and there is no solution that fits every neighborhood.  If you have a concern about traffic in your neighborhood, please contact us.  We want to help you find solutions that address your concerns. 

To report poor driving behavior contact the Glendale Police Department Traffic Unit at 623-930-2005.

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