Glendale Active Transportation Plan

In 2019, Glendale completed the Glendale Active Transportation Plan (ATP), our future blueprint for a complete and accessible active transportation network that encourages physical activity, emphasizes regional connectivity, is equitable, and provides persons of all ages and abilities with transportation choices. Active transportation includes any self-propelled, human-powered mode of transportation that engages people in active participation, including walking, biking, jogging, skateboarding, inline skating, transit, and the use of wheelchairs.

The ATP assessed Glendale’s non-motorized transportation network to identify system inequities and develop a prioritized list of improvements to enhance and expand the City’s active transportation network. The ATP compliments the Envision Glendale General Plan and the 2009 Glendale Transportation Plan to help create a transportation strategy for a happy and healthy Glendale, where active transportation is given equitable consideration within the greater transportation network.

Visit the Transportation Planning page for more information on the Moving Glendale Ahead Transportation Plan and the Planning & Zoning page for more information on the Envision Glendale General Plan.