Towing Administration & Vehicle Impound

The Glendale Police Department Towing Administrator’s hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We are closed on most holidays.

  • All hearings are held during normal business hours only.
  • Vehicle releases for vehicles impounded under ARS §28-3511 are issued during normal business hours by appointment only.

If your vehicle has been impounded, please see the information below regarding the Arizona Revised Statutes impoundment of vehicles.

PLEASE NOTE: The Glendale Police Department will mail out notices of impoundment to registered owners and lien holders of ALL impounded vehicles within its jurisdiction. The registered owner, owner’s spouse, and the lien holder have the right to request a POST STORAGE HEARING – solely for the purpose of determining the validity of the impoundment.

Your vehicle will be impounded by the Glendale Police Department for violation of Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) §28-3511 when the following occurs:

  • The driver is in an accident, AND has no proof of insurance, AND a cancelled driver’s license. 
  • The driver’s license is revoked.
  • The driver has never had a driver’s license/permit issued in Arizona or by any other jurisdiction.
  • The driver is arrested for either Extreme DUI or Aggravated DUI.
  • The driver is under legal drinking age and has any alcohol in their body.
  • The driver was operating a vehicle without a certified ignition interlock device when he/she is subject to an ignition interlock device.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Impoundments Under ARS § 28-3511

Information and Instructions For Requesting A Post Storage Hearing For Vehicles Impounded Under ARS § 28-3511

Instructions For Lien Holders And Repossession Agents Vehicle Impound Pursuant To ARS §28-3511 - §28-3514

A Lien Holder may be a company or a private individual. The Lien Holder or Repossession Agent has the right to request a Post Storage Hearing from the Glendale Police Department, solely for the purpose of determining the validity of the impoundment. The request must be submitted within 10 days from the date the vehicle was impounded.