Police Officer Job Elements

Police Officers working

  1. Patrols assigned area of the City, by automobile, motorcycle, on foot or bicycle, for the prevention of crime and enforcement of all applicable criminal, traffic, and liquor laws and City Ordinances. 
  2. Responds to calls for service involving crimes such as robberies, assaults, homicides, and narcotics violations.
  3. Responds to general public service calls for civil or societal problems.
  4. Secures the scene of a crime; makes arrests; books prisoners.
  5. Responds to hazardous materials incidents and traffic accidents; investigates traffic accidents; detects impaired drivers; administers first aid; directs traffic and requests medical assistance.
  6. Prepares reports to accurately document information.
  7. Participates in problem oriented policing efforts by identifying problem areas, recommending and implementing solutions, and monitoring the results.
  8. Performs suicide prevention interventions; transports mentally ill patients; performs surveillance operations.
  9. Performs a variety of general and specialized criminal investigations involving property and persons crimes; gathers evidence; preserves crime scene; prepares cases for prosecution.
  10. Provides training on gang-related issues, firearms, defensive driving, defensive tactics, impact weapons and other related police topics.
  11. Writes and executes search warrants.
  12. Serves court orders, arrest warrants, and mental health orders.
  13. Selects, directs, trains and maintains canines.
  14. Appears in court as the States witness and delivers testimony.
  15. Provides police services at various special events in the City.
  16. Presents public relations programs to school age and adult groups; presents other programs and participates in community functions.
  17. Performs assigned personnel functions in the area of recruitment, training and record keeping.
  18. Performs squad supervisory duties as required; maintains police supplies at stations.
  19. Performs specialty duties such as interpreting and peer counseling.

Secondary Functions

  1. Performs other related duties as assigned.

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