About Us

Glendale, AZ - Glendale Family Advocacy Center

The goal of the Glendale Family Advocacy Center (GFAC) is to provide comprehensive and coordinated services to crime victims in a safe, comfortable and convenient setting. The “one-stop” center is a partnership between the Glendale Police Department, Department of Child Safety, Honor Health and the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

The GFAC includes facilities for forensic interviews, medical examinations, counseling and collaboration between law enforcement and victim services personnel. Designed for victims of violence, child abuse and sexual related crimes, the center is available for crime victims and law enforcement agencies throughout the West Valley.

Victim Assistance:

People who experience a traumatic event in their lives often have a variety of physical and emotional responses. The Glendale Victim Assistance staff is available to talk about the crime, its impact on them, and will help guide them through the Criminal Justice System.

Sex Crimes:

The Sex Crimes Unit is responsible for conducting criminal investigations into various types of crimes, including sexual assaults, sexual abuse, indecent exposure, sexual misconduct with a minor, and child molestation. This squad has the added responsibility of tracking and making the community aware of known sexual offenders who reside within our jurisdiction.

Child Crimes:

Detectives assigned to this squad are tasked with conducting criminal investigations regarding allegations of child abuse, child neglect and vulnerable adult abuse. These employees maintain a close working relationship with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, Childhelp, Child Protective Services, and Adult Protective Services.

Family Violence:

The Family Violence Squad is responsible for investigating all acts of domestic violence to include aggravated assaults, simple assaults, criminal damage, disorderly conduct, court order violations, and several domestic related offenses


We are always looking for volunteers to assist us in our mission. Volunteers can get involved and provide assistance in many ways, such as:

Victim Assistance – assist with the daily operations of the Victim Assistance Unit and contact victims for supportive services

Court Support - help relay victim’s input for court proceedings.