Home Rehabilitation Program

Provides homeowners the opportunity to rehabilitate their homes. The type of repairs available could include painting, roof repair/replacement, and electrical, plumbing or mechanical repairs to existing systems. 

Rehabilitation projects are funded by providing the homeowner a forgivable/deferred loan. 

This means a portion of the loan is forgiven every year; therefore, after the determined time period the entire loan would be forgiven. However, you must remain in the home for the term of the loan. If you sell or rent the home, or refinance with a cash-out, before the loan term is up the remaining portion of the loan must be paid back to the City of Glendale. 

Roof and Exterior projects are provided as a grant.

Applications to be placed on the waitlist are submitted on GlendaleConnect at Connect.GlendaleAZ.com

Call the Community Revitalization office at (623)930-3670 or email at [email protected].

                 Loan Payoff or Subordination Inquiries        
Requests for Payoff of a
 Rehabilitation Loan or Roof/Exterior/Emergency Home Repair Lien are directed to:
Monica Schroeder, Revitalization Coordinator
Email: [email protected] Phone: (623)930-3670

Requests for Subordination of a
City of Glendale Rehabilitation Loan or Homebuyer Loan should complete the attached form/information and submit to:
Monica Schroeder, Revitalization Coordinator
Email: [email protected] Phone: (623)930-3670

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