Thunderbird Paseo Park 

Glendale Park Amenities have returned to regular operational hours.

To keep everyone safe we recommend you follow all of the current CDC guidelines. 6/28/2021

51st Avenue and Cactus northwest to 73rd Avenue and Greenwaypark finder app
Open Sunrise to Sunset

Parking available at 59th Avenue just south of Thunderbird Road and
at 67th Avenue just south of Greenway Road.

Thunderbird Paseo Park is a great park for walking, horseback riding and biking. It is nearly 4 miles of trails that connect to Skunk Creek Linear Park for additional trails.

Park Amenities

Bike/Pedestrian Path
Equestrian Trail
18-Hole Disc Golf Course
Basketball Courts
Soccer/Football Fields
Restrooms *
Desert Interpretive Garden

Thunerbird PaseoThunerbird Paseo
Thunerbird PaseoThunerbird Paseo
Thunerbird PaseoThunerbird Paseo