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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ
Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ - Transportation

Glendale, AZ - Transportation Glendale, AZ - Transportation Glendale, AZ - Transportation

Neighborhood Programs
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Street Maintenance
    (or call 623-930-2670)

Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Street Sweeping
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Right-of-Way Maintenance
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Glendale Memorial Park
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Pavement Management

Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Graffiti Removal
     (or call 623-930-3080)

Popular Transit Links
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Carpool & Vanpool
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
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Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Glendale Urban Shuttle (GUS)
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Medical Trip Taxi
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Transit Home Page
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11
Trip Planner
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Bus Education (Valley Metro 101)

Traffic-Related Information
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 City Restrictions/Closures
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Valley Restrictions/Closures
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Traffic Concerns: Mitigation/Speeding

Glendale, AZ - Transportation

Traffic Education

Important Info for Contractors
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Barricade Permits
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Traffic Sign/Striping Standards
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Traffic Signal Standards
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Glendale Family Bike Ride
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Education Essentials
Glendale, AZ - Glendale 11 Bike & Pedestrian Programs
Glendale, AZ - Transportation

NEW: HAWK Pedestrian Crossing Signal at 65th Ave and Bethany Home Road
A HAWK (High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk) pedestrian beacon that resembles a traffic signal light, but is pedestrian activated, has been installed at 65th Avenue and Bethany Home Road. Traffic is stopped only when the push-button is activated by someone waiting to cross the roadway. A new single north/south crosswalk was installed at the west leg of the intersection. Additional improvements included the installation of new sidewalk, curb and gutter, ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps, reflective pavement markings and other related activities.

Other HAWK locations include:
60th Avenue and Bethany Home Road
65th and Glendale Avenues
63rd and Beardsley Avenues

For more information on how the HAWK works:

Pavement management

FY 2017/2018 Pavement Management Projects 
The Pavement Management Program (PMP) consists of the rehabilitation of poor and deteriorating streets within the City of Glendale with the application of common treatments as well as other pavement preservations methods. The plan to extend the overall life-expectancy of the City of Glendale’s streets through the most efficient and cost-saving measures is carried out through a series of pavement preservation projects. The FY 2017/2018 PMP Mill & Overlay (M&O), Crack Seal and Slurry Seal projects are presently underway throughout the City.

More info call the 24/7 project hotline at 602.532.6250

Watch Glendale Today with Councilmember Bart Turner as he discusses how Glendale manages its street and pavement management program.

FY 17/18 Pavement Management Projects Summary
FY 17/18 Pavement Management Program Map

Bike ride

Glendale Family Bike Ride
The FREE annual bike ride will be on Sunday, April 22, 2018.  The ride for all levels of riders, from kids to adults and will feature three routes – short, long and extended.  Bicyclists will take a leisurely ride through Glendale neighborhoods and sections of Thunderbird Paseo and Skunk Creek pathways. The extended route also showcases the 63rd Ave pedestrian/bicycle bridge. Helmets are required.
Register Here | Flyer

Clean & Green 2018 Glendale Clean and Green Newsletter
The 2018 Glendale Clean & Green publication is here! This annual publication brings together water conservation, sanitation, recycling and transportation news to help Glendale stay green. Inside you'll find helpful hints, free events, special recycling and sanitation dates, a contest for kids and the latest in green efforts within Glendale.
Download now! (pdf)

Road work 59th Avenue & Olive Avenue Intersection Safety Improvement Project 
Construction Hotline: 602-264-6416


Beginning the week of December 4, it will be necessary to temporarily restrict traffic flow through the 59th Avenue and Olive Avenue intersection to one through lane in all four directions. Every effort will be made to continue the provision of designated left-turn lanes.
Click here for project updates. | VIDEO 


Recent GUS & Dial-A-Ride Changes
New Glendale Urban Shuttle (GUS) Route 2 Added & Fare Change Implemented
New loop circulator will serve southeast Glendale (Tanner Terrace, St. John’s Manor, Fry’s Food & Drugs at 43rd Ave./Bethany Home Rd., Downtown Glendale/ US Post Office, Glendale Community Center, Rose Lane Park, 99¢ Only Store, Walmart at 55th Ave./Northern Ave.). No changes to GUS 1 and GUS 3 routes. GUS FREE to ride (all passengers, all routes) GUS 2 Map (Effective Oct.23rd)

Dial-A-Ride Fare Changes effective October 23, 2017
Dial-A-Ride: ADA/ADA Companion–$3; Senior/Disabled/Junior (age 6-13)–$2; General Public (age 14-64)–$5. Groups (4+ paying passengers): General Public–$3; Senior/Disabled/Junior (age 6-13) – $1; Children (age 0-5)– free (no change). Regional Paratransit: $4 (no change).

traffic light

Glendale Traffic Study Paves Way for Reduced Congestion on Major City Roadways 
City deploys more Intelligent Transportation System Technology
City traffic engineers are using hi-tech traffic devices to capture real-time traffic information on the heaviest traveled streets in Glendale. Actual volume, speed and travel time data, collected via more than 65 real-time traffic detection sensors, will be used to develop “SMART” traffic management plans that will ease congestion, cut travel times and move traffic more efficiently between signalized intersections.

The installation phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by end of February 2018. Once the devices are operational, the traffic data collection phase is estimated to take up to five months. Glendale traffic management experts will use the data collected to re-fine the signal timings that matches traffic demand. Motorists will notice reduced congestion, more efficient traffic flow and improved travel times by end of 2018. Additional benefits include improved traffic safety, reduced fuel consumption and improved air quality through reduced auto emissions.

Only minor traffic delays are anticipated during the installation and removal of traffic detection devices. For more information, contact City of Glendale Transportation Division at 623-930-2940 or visit

Real-time traffic data collection devices map


Bell Road Adaptive Signal Project (99th Ave. to 73rd Ave.)
Roadwork Ahead!

The City of Glendale is one of eight jurisdictions working in partnership to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce traveler delays along the valley’s heaviest travelled east/west surface street. 

Crews are onsite along Bell Rd between 99th and 73rd Avenues, including five Glendale intersections, installing adaptive traffic signal equipment on the traffic signals.  The installation phase is scheduled to be completed by end of December 2017.  The adaptive system activation is scheduled for end of January 2018.  The technology receives and processes data from strategically placed sensors, which allows the adaptive signal system to determine the timing of the signals based on the collected and processed traffic flow data.

The multijurisdictional project will upgrade 50 traffic signals across Bell Road coordinator from Scottsdale to Surprise the project is one of the longest adaptive signals projects in the nation.

For more information, contact Maricopa County Department of Transportation at 602-506-3342 or visit

Learn more about Adaptive Signal Timing

Yellow Arrows
(Click image to enlarge)

Flashing Yellow Arrow
The use of flashing yellow arrows (FYA) at signalized intersections to control left turning traffic was recently approved by the federal government after studies concluded that flashing arrows provide numerous benefits including:

  • Enhanced understanding by motorists when using arrows instead of solid green indications;
  • Enhanced safety; and
  • Improved operation by minimizing delays.

FYA at a traffic signal includes a flashing yellow arrow signal head in addition to the standard red, yellow and green arrow heads over the left-turn lane. When illuminated, the flashing yellow arrow allows waiting motorists to make a left-hand turn after yielding to oncoming traffic. Otherwise, the new traffic signals work the same as traditional signals. The City of Glendale has begun a program to convert left-turn movements at various signalized intersections to FYA operation with the purpose of improving safety and operations.  Current locations with flashing yellow arrows include:

  • 59th and Olive Avenues (during nighttime and weekends)
  • 51st and Peoria Avenues
  • 59th Avenue and Union Hills Drive
  • 51st and Glendale Avenues
  • 67th Avenue and Deer Valley Road
  • Dysart Road and Glendale Avenue
  • 75th Avenue and Deer Valley Road
  • 99th Avenue and Bethany Home Road
Glendale, AZ - Video
Flashing Yellow Arrow @ 59th & Olive Avenues:
Glendale Transportation has made many safety improvements to the intersection of 59th & Olive.  The most recent improvement is a flashing yellow  left turn arrow. Watch now

A total of 22 additional major arterial intersections throughout the City are in various stages of design and will be converted over the next 18 months.  The remaining 23 FYA candidate intersections will be designed using federal safety funds, with construction funding not currently identified - view map here.

Glendale, AZ - Transportation
Glendale, AZ - Video

E.P.A. approves M.A.G.'s 5% plan for Maricopa County: The approval recognizes continued air quality improvements in Glendale and Maricopa County, the report shows annual reductions of PM-10 emissions since 2007. The approval marks the first time Maricopa County has been found to meet the federal standards for dust since the Clean Air Act was amended in 1970.  Watch now


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