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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

Glendale, AZ

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Glendale, AZ - Tax & License Division


The Tax & License Division is responsible for the issuance of various licenses per the City of Glendale Code.   Before engaging in any business within the City of Glendale, you must comply with all applicable code requirements, make application to the City for a Glendale License, and pay the required license fee(s) and penalties, if applicable. 

Depending on the type of activity you are engaging in, you may be required to obtain multiple licenses.  Below is a listing of licenses that you may be required to obtain to operate or do business in the City of Glendale.

Applications may be delayed until all requirements indicated on the checklist(s) are met.    On average, the license approval process usually takes 6 – 8 weeks but can be sooner if all requirements are in order at the time of application.  The process could be extended if the approvers find that additional requirements are necessary.





Penalties may apply (see Fee Schedule)

Chapter 5 - AMUSEMENTS


Chapter 5, Article III

Bingo Application Packet

Fee Schedule

Amusement Devices – Rides

Chapter 5

Ride Operator Application Packet

Fee Schedule

Amusement Rides
Fee Schedule
Fee Schedule
Carnival, Circus, Haunted Houses, Exhibitions
Fee Schedule
Carriage for Hire
Fee Schedule
Entertainment facility

Entertainment Facility Application Packet (Large)

Fee Schedule
Off-Track Wagering
Fee Schedule
Shooting Galleries
Fee Schedule


Auctioneers, Consignment Dealer,  Junk Dealer, Pawnshops, Secondhand Dealer, Antique Dealer

Chapter 21

Auctioneer Application Packet

Consignment Application Packet

Junk Dealer Application Packet

Pawnshop Application Packet

Fee Schedule

Automated Kiosk

Chapter 21

Automated Kiosk Packet

Fee Schedule

Fortuneteller, Herb Dealer or Doctor

Fortune Teller Application Packet

Mobile Food Vendor

Mobile Food Vendor Business Application Packet

Park Vendor

Park Vendor Business Application Packet

Peddler, Solicitor, Canvassers,

Peddler/Solicitor Business Application Packet

Private Towing Carrier

Chapter 4 - Alcoholic Beverages

Series 1 In-State Producer

Series 3 Microbrewery

Series 4 Wholesaler

Chapter 4

Fee Schedule

Series 13 Domestic Farm Winery

Series 7 Beer & Wine Bar

Series 9 Liquor Store w/Sampling

Series 11 Hotel/Motel

Series 12 Restaurant w/Grill Bill

Series 10 Beer & Wine Store w/sampling

Series 14 Private Club

Chapter 5

Fee Schedule

Series 5 Government

Chapter 21

Fee Schedule

Series 6 Bar

Chapter 21

Fee Schedule

Series 8 Conveyance

Fee Schedule

Series 2 Out-of-State Producer

Series 5 Government

Series 16 Wine Festival/Fair

Chapter 21.2

Chapter 5

Contact Tax & License at

Fee Schedule

Series 15 Special Event

Chapter 29

Special Event Liquor License Packet

Fee Schedule

Other Licenses

Sexually Oriented Businesses
–Prime Operator/Sub Operator

Chapter 21.2

Sexually Oriented Business Packet

Fee Schedule

Sexually Oriented Businesses – Manager/Operator/Performer

Open-Air Markets and
Park-and-Swap Operations

Chapter 21 Article V

Open-Air Market Application Packet

Fee Schedule

Massage Establishments

Massage Establishment Application Packet

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Glendale, AZ
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