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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

Glendale, AZ
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Press Room - Press Releases

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2008 Press Releases

December 2008
bullet image Important Glendale Transit Information (12-29-08)
bullet image Glendale “Treecycling” Sites (12-29-08)
bullet image Glendale Glitters photo contest deadline extended to January 17th (12-19-08)
bullet image Important Glendale Transit Information - Direction Connection to Light Rail (12-18-08)
bullet image Social Service Agencies Invited to From The Heart Grant Workshop (12-18-08)
bullet image Last weekend to enjoy festivities of Glendale Glitters before the holidays (12-16-08)
bullet image Residents, Businesses Invited to Attend Mayor's annual state of business address Jan. 8 (12-15-08)
bullet image Glendale Approves $350,000 to Fund Eight Neighborhood Improvement Grants (12-12-08)
bullet image Bird’s Eye View of Arizona at Glendale Visitor Center and on Glendale 11 (12-11-08)
bullet image Glendale 11 Debuts New Show "Glendale's Home Green Home"  (12-9-08)
bullet image Glendale unveils new first-of-its-kind playground (12-9-08)
bullet image Glendale Welcomes Footballs Fans to Glendale (12-8-08)
bullet image Glendale's Gingerbread Nights Dec. 5-6 (12-3-08)
bullet image One-Stop Shopping and Information at the Glendale Visitor Center (12-2-08)
November 2008
bullet image Chocolate Affaire February  6-8, 2009
bullet image Glendale hosts Olympians as special guests for Glendale Glitters Spectacular (11-23-08)
bullet image MLK Luncheon 2009 (11-20-08)
bullet image MLK Award 2009 (11-20-08)
bullet image This is Glendale Glitters' first-ever photo contest (11-18-08)
bullet image Glendale seeking volunteers for Family Volunteer Day Nov. 22 (11-18-08)
bullet image Glendale, USA Basketball Announce Partnership to Move Organization to Arizona (11-18-08)
bullet image West Valley Residents Asked to Provide Input for Regional Transit Study (11-13-08)
bullet image New TV Show Brings Topics “Full Circle” for Glendale Residents (11-13-08)
bullet image Glendale Offers Free Legislative Program (11-13-08)
bullet image Glendale Glitters Spectacular Entertainment November 28th and 29th (11-13-08)
bullet image Councilmember Phil Lieberman Hosting Community Meeting Nov. 20 (11-6-08)
bullet image Important Traffic Information for Upcoming Monday Night Football (11-6-08)
bullet image Glendale names new code compliance director (11-5-08)
bullet image Visitors Can Ride in Style Once Again (11-3-08)
October 2008
bullet image Glendale Glitter & Glow Says Farewell to Holiday Lights Jan. 17 (10-31-08)
bullet image City of Glendale Earns Best of West Awards (10-31-08)
bullet image Ramada, picnic area construction to begin at Western Area Regional Park (10-29-08)
bullet image Council Appoints Residents to Boards, Commissions (10-29-08)
bullet image Glendale Collects Cell Phones in Honor of America Recycles Day (10-27-08)
bullet image Mayor Scruggs to Kickoff 2008 AZ Black Expo in Glendale (10-23-08)
bullet image Glendale seeking vendors for Fiesta Bowl Gridiron Jam January 3rd (10-22-08)
bullet image Glendale hosts "Joining the Glendale Team" workshop Nov. 12 (10-22-08)
bullet image Councilmember Joyce Clark Hosting Community Meeting Nov. 3 (10-21-08)
bullet image Glendale Receives Award for Regional Economic Development Efforts (10-10-08)
bullet image Councilmember Lieberman Hosting Community Meetings in October, November (10-10-08)
bullet image Glendale 11 Earns Emmy Award for Super Bowl Coverage (10-6-08)
bullet image Centerline Visioning Fair, Catlin Court Front Porch Festival on October 18 (10-4-08)
bullet image Watch Glendale's Green House Grow on (10-2-08)
bullet image Vice Mayor Manny Martinez is hosting a community meeting (10-2-08)
bullet image Glendale Encourages Residents and Visitors to "Shop Glendale!” (10-2-08)
September 2008
bullet image Celebrate Hispanic Heritage at Fiesta Glendale October 11 (9-30-08)
bullet image Community Conversations with the Mayor (9-29-08)
bullet image Council Appoints Residents to Serve on Advisory Boards (9-26-08)
bullet image 2008 Water/Sewer Rate Adjustment (9-25-08)
bullet image Glendale special events division manager earns international certification (9-19-08)
bullet image 2008 Glendale Hispanic Network Breakfast (9-18-08)
bullet image Glendale seeking unique vendors for Fiesta Glendale Oct. 11 (9-17-08)
bullet image Household Hazardous Waste Collection Set for October (9-17-08)
bullet image Glendale offers tips to help residents respond to abandoned or foreclosed property (9-16-08)
bullet image Glendale Light Technology (9-16-08)
bullet image Councilmember Knaack Hosting Community Meeting (9-16-08)
bullet image Glendale recipient of prestigious international festival awards (9-15-08)
bullet image Go Green, Save Green (9-15-08)
bullet image Glendale Park + Ride Drives Home an Important Award (9-12-08)
bullet image Community Revitalization Division presents annual report for review (9-12-08)
bullet image Rock & Roll Paint-a-thon seeks volunteers (9-12-08)
bullet image A Bear of a Day in Downtown Glendale (9-12-08)
bullet image Unofficial Election Results for City of Glendale (9-8-08)
bullet image Glendale Announces Opportunities for Residents to Get Involved in Redevelopment Project (9-5-08)
bullet image Glendale 11 Receives Eight Emmy Nominations (9-3-08)
bullet image Glendale Glitters Spectacular Nov. 28-29 (9-3-08)
bullet image Glendale Seeking Businesses to Encourage Residents to "Shop Glendale!" (9-1-08)
bullet image Glendale Election Results Will Be Available on City's Cable Station and Web Site (9-1-08)
August 2008
bullet image Glendale Welcomes New Deputy City Manager(8-26-08)
bullet image Glendale's Disability Commission offers grants to non-profit groups(8-26-08)
bullet image City Council Appoint Residents to Advisory Groups (8-26-08)
bullet image Glendale Receives Storm Ready Designation (8-25-08)
bullet image Glendale conducts annual grant orientation Sept. 9 for 2009-10 cycle (8-20-08)
bullet image Celebrate Teddy Bear Day in Downtown Glendale Sept. 6 (8-18-08)
bullet image Early voting for Glendale registered voters through Aug. 29 (8-15-08)
bullet image This closure with begin tonight (8-11-08)
bullet image Invitation for Public Comment on judicial reappointment (8-7-08)
bullet image Glendale Visitor Center receives new internationally-recognized signage (8-6-08)
bullet image Channel 11 has added six new shows to the DVD collection at Glendale's three libraries (8-5-08)
bullet image Glendale 11 Announces New Show Featuring Arena. This show debuts tonight on Glendale Channel 11 (8-5-08)
bullet image Important Traffic Information For Upcoming Cardinals Game. Traffic and parking lot information for this Thursday's first Cardinals home game (8-5-08)
bullet image Fiesta Glendale eventhas changed from September to October this year (8-5-08)
July 2008
bullet image City Announces New Classes for Graduates of Glendale University (7-31-08)
bullet image Savor Sweet Summer Saturday in Historic Downtown Glendale (7-24-08)
bullet image The spirit of giving abounds in Glendale, result of Christmas in July food drive (7-24-08)
bullet image Glendale offers free classes in the fall. Another series of Glendale University 101 and the HOA Academy begins this fall (7-21-08)
bullet image Glendale announces start of fall neighborhood grants process (7-21-08)
bullet image Glendale's Teddy Bear Day on Sept. 6 (7-11-08)
bullet image Glendale 11 nominated for six national awards, including coverage of Super bowl XLII (7-9-08)
bullet image Glendale tennis facility awards, new artwork (7-9-08)
bullet image Waterline replacement project begins in downtown Glendale today (7-7-08)
bullet image 2008 Annual Major General Plan Amendment Cycle(7-2-08)
bullet image Spark Awards recognize residents' contributions to the community(7-2-08)
bullet image Glendale Announces Early Voting Site for September 2, 2008 Primary Election (7-2-08)
bullet image Glendale 11 and Team Up to Help Residents “Go Green" (7-1-08)
bullet image Glendale assists low-income residents with emergency repairs (7-1-08)
June 2008
bullet image Christmas in July (6-30-08)
bullet image Information for residents on abandoned shopping carts found in neighborhods (6-27-08)
bullet image Glendale offers Glendale University graduate course on disaster preparedness (6-26-08)
bullet image City Council Appoints Residents to Advisory Groups (6-25-08)
bullet image Glendale City Council approves 2008-09 budget, decreases property tax rate(6-25-08)
bullet image Neighborhood Dedicates Improvements Funded by Neighborhood Grant Program (6-24-08)
bullet image City Recognized for Historic Preservation Efforts (6-20-08)
bullet image John H. Akers Awarded 2008 Ruth Byrne Historic Preservation Award (6-19-08)
bullet image Public hearing for 2008 water/sewer rate adjustment set for June 24 (6-19-08)
bullet image Please see attached release regarding hydration/refuge stations in Glendale (6-17-08)
bullet image DVD Release Party to Unveil new Luke AFB Documentary (6-17-08)
bullet image Glendale 11 Debuts New Arts & Culture Program (6-16-08)
bullet image Council Appoints Residents to Citizen Committees (6-12-08)
bullet image Glendale Launches Monsoon Safety Web Site and Television Show (6-12-08)
bullet image City Council approves performing arts grants to further cultural arts in Glendale for 08/09 (6-12-08)
bullet image Neighbors dedicate streetscape improvements fund by neighborhood grant (6-6-08)
bullet image Social service agencies receive funding through city's From the Heart program (6-4-08)
bullet image Look Out for Bigger and Better Signs (6-3-08)
bullet image Glendale approves neighborhood improvement grants for spring cycle (6-3-08)
May 2008
bullet image Glendale's First Ride, Rock and Roll (5-28-08)
bullet image Tierra Buena Park Association dedicates neighborhood improvement project (5-28-08)
bullet image 2008 Neighborhood Leadership Forum Recognizes Ways to Connect with your Community(5-28-08)
bullet image Disabilities Commission awards spring grants to two organizations (5-28-08)
bullet image Glendale Glitters wins critics' choice in's best competition (5-19-08)
bullet image National Public Works Week Celebrates Dedicated Employees (5-15-08)
bullet image Lynn Basa, the artist for Glendale's Downtown Parking Sturcture will be present at an open house on May 21 (5-14-08)
bullet image Glendale Receives Distinguished Budget Presentation Award (5-14-08)
bullet image Glendale 11 debuts new show highlighting city's historic buildings (5-8-08)
bullet image Councilmember Goulet Brings City Hall to Library Patrons Through New TVs (5-8-08)
bullet image Mayor Recruiting Teens to Serve on Youth Commission  (5-1-08)
bullet image Travel  Green + Travel Happy = Healthy Environment (5-1-08)
April 2008
bullet image Glendale University Offers Environmental Resources Class in May (4-30-08)
bullet image 5th Annual Glendale Historic Preservation Bus Tour, Glendale, AZ (4-30-08)
bullet image Long-Term Construction on 67th Avenue (4-30-08)
bullet image Recreation Swimming Starts at Foothills Recreation & Aquatics Center May 10 (4-29-08)
bullet image City offers Marketing/Communications class for graduates of Glendale University (4-29-08)
bullet image One-Stop Information on Glendale (4-23-08)
bullet image Glendale Council Approves Primary Election for September 2 (4-23-08)
bullet image Councilmember Clark Hosting Community Meeting April 30 (4-22-08)
bullet image Glendale's 25th Jazz & Blues Festival recap (4-21-08)
bullet image Mayor's Youth Commission Coordinating Toy Drive for Hospitalized Children (4-21-08)
bullet image Volunteers needed for "Join Hands Day' project on May 3 (4-21-08)
bullet image Councilmember Goulet's annual Neighborhood Services Fair (4-17-08)
bullet image Glendale Holding Recruitment Fair for Residents (4-17-08)
bullet image Glendale Water Conservation to Host Glendale Garden Festival (4-14-08)
bullet image Glendale Avenue Welcomes Newest “Lifesaving" Neighbor (4-14-08)
bullet image Pioneer Neighborhood dedicates streetscape improvements funded by Glendale neighborhood grants (4-10-08)
bullet image Work begins on neighborhood improvement project in Orchard Glen (4-9-08)
bullet image Bike-to-Breakfast Day in Glendale (4-9-08)
bullet image Get Green... Ride a Bike at Glendale Family Bike Ride (4-8-08)
bullet image Sparks Awards and the Neighborhood Leadership Forum (4-4-08)
bullet image Free guitar clinic offered to public at Glendale's Gibson Jazz & Blues Festival (4-4-08)
bullet image The headliners for this year's festival include Stanley Jordan, the Tommy Castro Band, David 'Fathead' Newman and Roomful of Blues (4-1-08)
March 2008
bullet image Community Revitalization Division announces downpayment assistance for first-time home buyers (3-31-08)
bullet image Students help Glendale celebrate Arbor Day(3-29-08)
bullet image Six Residents Appointed to Boards, Commissions (3-29-08)
bullet image Traffic Alert: Long-Term Construction on 67th Ave to begin next week(3-28-08)
bullet image New Dust Control Ordinance goes into effect March 31 (3-28-08)
bullet image Glendale Councilmembers Holding Community Meetings - Cholla (3-28-08)
bullet image Glendale Councilmembers Holding Community Meetings - Barrel (3-28-08)
bullet image Glendale’s Environmental Report Card: All A’s (3-28-08)
bullet image Glendale’s 2008 Water and Sewer Obligations Upgraded from A2 to A1 (3-24-08)
bullet image Councilmember Lieberman Hosting Two Community Meetings (3-24-08)
bullet image Glendale sponsors Community Information Fair for National CDBG Week (3-21-08)
bullet image City partners with USA Track & Field on Invitational Event in Glendale (3-21-08)
bullet image Glendale seeks volunteers for Cesar Chavez Day clean up project March 29 (3-21-08)
bullet image Front Row Seat to Super Bowl XLII on Glendale 11 (3-13-08)
bullet image Glendale Engineering Receives Accolades for Downtown Pedestrian Project (3-13-08)
bullet image Glendale One of Four Cities Being Considered for New USA Basketball Headquarters & Training Facility (3-11-08)
bullet image New Glendale Business Makes Donation to Community Program (3-7-08)
bullet image Ed Beasley Tourism Award (3-7-08)
bullet image Mayor Scruggs to begin Holding Community Meetings with Residents(3-7-08)
bullet image Glendale HR Director receives professional certification(3-7-08)
bullet image Nominate Glendale neighborhood leader, business for Spark Award (3-7-08)
bullet image City Council Appoints Board, Commission Members (3-5-08)
bullet image Community Revitalization sponsors community information event March 26 (3-5-08)
February 2008
bullet image Glendale names new airport administrator (2-26-08)
bullet image Community Revitalization Division presents Annual Action Plan for public review (2-26-08)
bullet image Household Hazardous Waste Collection Set for March (2-25-08)
bullet image Parking Available in Historic Downtown Glendale at New Parking Structure (2-25-08)
bullet image Glendale Civic Center Receives Prestigious Ranking (2-25-08)
bullet image Mayor Elaine Scruggs Elected Chair of Transportation Authority (2-21-08)
bullet image Glendale Disabilities Commission offers grants to non-profit groups (2-21-08)
bullet image Residents Appointed to Boards, Commissions (2-20-08)
bullet image Weed Advice from Glendale's Code Compliance Department (2-19-08)
bullet image Vice Mayor Martinez Holding Community Meeting Feb. 28 (2-15-08)
bullet image Councilmember Steve Frate Hosting Spring Fling Event Saturday, February 16 (2-8-08)
bullet image Businesses, Residents Invited to Attend Mayor Scruggs' Annual Economic Development Speech (2-8-08)
bullet image Glendale University graduates can register for new Luke AFB class (2-8-08)
bullet image Glendale's home replacement program benefits family (2-8-08)
bullet image Upcoming "That Thursday Thing" in Glendale (2-7-08)
bullet image

Super Bowl Post Release  (2-4-08)

January 2008
bullet image PIOs available for live shots throughout Friday, Feb. 1 (1-30-08)
bullet image Glendale Game Day Shuttle for Super Bowl (1-30-08)
bullet image Romance novel cover model appears at Glendale Chocolate Affaire Feb. 1-2 (1-29-08)
bullet image Glendale Neighborhood Grant Process Begins, Orientations Scheduled  (1-25-08)
bullet image Closing Bell for NYSE (1-23-08)
bullet image Small businesses invited to learn how to do business with public agencies (1-23-08)
bullet image Glendale Offers Game-Day Shuttle from Downtown to Sports District Feb. 3 (1-23-08)
bullet image Glendale Gets Ready to Welcome Patriots and Giants Fans to Super Bowl (1-22-08)
bullet image The residents of this neighborhood will dedicate their improvement project Jan. 26 (1-22-08)
bullet image Spaces still available in the spring Glendale University and HOA Academy classes (1-15-08)
bullet image New class added to Glendale University spring schedule (1-14-08)
bullet image Important Road Closure Information (1-14-08)
bullet image Glendale Glitter & Glow Entertainment Lineup Jan. 19 (1-14-08)
bullet image Glendale Chocolate Affaire (1-7-08)
bullet image Non-profit Agencies Invited to From The Heart Grant Workshop (1-4-08)
bullet image Glitter & Glow (1-4-08)
bullet image Glendale recruits volunteers for Jan. 12 "It's Our Time to Shine" event (1-2-08)
bullet image Important Traffic Information for Upcoming Fiesta Bowl Game (1-2-08)


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