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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

Glendale, AZ - Glendale Police Department Recruitment
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Glendale Police Recruitment - Employment Process

Please note: The average length of time to process a successful applicant is three to five months. However, the hiring process can take up to one year. Keep in mind that applications are only valid for one year from the closing date of the recruitment period.

If you have submitted an application and are no longer under consideration, you will be notified via email, mail and/or telephone when and if you are able to re-apply. If you have not been contacted, you are still under consideration.

Candidates who meet AZPOST qualifications will be invited to the written exam. Invited applicants will be notified via email, mail and/or telephone.

Based on the needs of the Glendale Police Department, steps in this process may be scheduled in a different order and/or removed from the process entirely.

STEP 1: The Written Exam

Candidates for Police Officer Recruit will be required to take a written exam.  Those who successfully pass the written exam will be invited to attend a scheduled physical assessment exam.  Dates/times will be given to the candidate after the written exam.

** The Written Exam will be waived for candidates who have a current AZPOST Certification or are currently enrolled in an AZPOST Academy.**

STEP 2: The Physical Assessment Exam

The physical assessment exam consists of a 1.5 mile run in 13:59 minutes or less; a minimum of 28 sit-ups in one minute and a minimum of 19 push-ups in an unlimited amount of time. Each area is a pass/fail component. If you fail any portion of the physical assessment exam, you will be eliminated from the testing process.

Candidates who successfully pass the physical assessment exam may be invited to attend a scheduled oral board interview and written essay.  Only the most qualified applicants after the initial testing will be invited and applicants will be notified via email, mail and/or telephone.

**Qualified lateral applicants are exempt from taking the initial physical assessment exam.**

STEP 3: Oral Board Interview & Written Essay

The most qualified applicants after the initial testing will be invited to an oral board interview. Candidates will be asked to write an essay during this portion of the process. This is the first step in the employment process for lateral applicants.

Oral Board Tips

STEP 4: The Background Interview

The most qualified applicants will be contacted by a police department background investigator via email, mail and/or telephone to be scheduled for a background interview.

STEP 5: The Background Investigation

The background investigation is ongoing and will progress throughout the entire hiring process.

STEP 6: Polygraph Examination

The most qualified applicants will be given a polygraph examination (lie detector test) administered by a trained, professional examiner. The test will confirm information noted on the applicant's background investigation packet.

STEP 7: Physical Assessment Update

The most qualified applicants will be expected to complete a physical assessment update prior to receiving a conditional offer of employment. Applicant’s physical update scores will be evaluated with the expectation that the update scores will show an improvement from the initial physical assessment scores.  Lateral applicants will be required to successfully complete this physical assessment.

STEP 8: Executive Interview

Applicants will be interviewed by a selected member of the Glendale Police Department’s Command Staff.

STEP 9: Staff Review for Conditional Offer

Upon successful completion of steps 1 through 8 of the Employment Process, applicants may receive a conditional offer with the police department. This is not a final job offer. Applicants will have to successfully complete the next two steps prior to receiving a final offer.

STEP 10: Psychological Test

Applicants will be evaluated by a licensed psychologist.

STEP 11: Medical Examination

Applicants will undergo a complete medical examination administered by an AZPOST certified physician.

STEP 12: Staff Review for Final Offer of Employment

Upon successful completion of the entire employment process, applicants may receive a final offer of employment. All final appointments will be made by the Chief of Police.


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