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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

Glendale, AZ - Glendale Police Department Recruitment
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 F O L L O W  U S   O N   S O C I A L   M E D I A   @ G P D R E C R U I T M E N T

The Glendale Police Department will be opening a recruitment for the position of Police Officer Recruit on 5/4/18. The recruitment will remain open through 5/28/18. 


Physical Assessment and Written Exam

  • Friday, June 29, 2018, or
  • Saturday, June 30, 2018

Note:  The physical assessment and written exam will be on the same day. The physical assessment will be held in the morning.  Candidates who are successful in that step will be invited to a written exam being held in the afternoon. Candidates who passed the written exam in the last six months will not be required to re-take the written exam. All other candidates must complete the written exam on the same day as their physical assessment.


  • Wednesday, July 11, 2018, or
  • Thursday, July 12, 2018, or
  • Friday, July 13, 2018, or
  • Saturday, July 14, 2018

Candidates must successfully pass each step to move to the next step. 


Out-of-state candidates will be scheduled to complete all testing (physical assessment, written exam, and interview) on Saturday, June 23, 2018. There will be breaks in the schedule but successful candidates should plan to be involved in the testing process for most of the day.

If you have any questions about the testing schedule, please contact us at

Please visit the Human Resources Jobs Website to view all our open positions.

If you would like to be notified when future recruitments open, please visit the Human Resources Website and complete a job interest card, marking the “law enforcement” and “public safety” categories.

Glendale, AZ - Glendale Police Recruitment Glendale Police Officer Recruit
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Glendale, AZ - Glendale Police Recruitment Arizona Lateral
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Glendale, AZ - Glendale Police Recruitment Out-of-State Lateral
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Glendale, AZ - Glendale Police Recruitment Non-Sworn Opportunities
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Glendale, AZ - Glendale Police Recruitment Explorer Post 2469
Are you interested in law enforcement and are between the ages of 14 and 20 ½? Glendale Explorer Post 2469 is looking for prospective youth to join the oldest explorer post in Arizona.
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Glendale, AZ - Glendale Police Recruitment

Citizen Police Academy
The Glendale Police Department’s Citizen Police Academy is a free program designed for citizens of Glendale and members of the business community to take an inside look at their Police Department and law enforcement operations.
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Glendale, AZ - Glendale Police Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions
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