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Glendale, AZ
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Police - Community and Citizen Involvement - Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program | Community Information Officers | Citizen Police Academy
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The Glendale Police Department has many rewarding volunteer opportunities for citizens. If you are interested in serving your community, completing an internship, or gaining valuable work experience to enhance your career objectives, then consider a volunteer position with the Glendale Police Department. Below are listed some of the volunteer assignments currently available.

Volunteer Requirements:

Must be at least 18 years old to apply
Must complete a background check
Typing skill of 35-45 wpm preferred, but not required
Completion of some law enforcement coursework preferred

Contact Information:

Volunteer Coordinator, Marie Shepherd


  • Communications – High need for volunteers
  • Detention/City Jail - High need for volunteers
  • Public Fingerprinting - High need for volunteers
  • Property and Evidence - High need for volunteers
  • Victim Assistance/Mobile Team - High need for volunteers

Illegal drug use and other criminal activity will be considered during the screening process.

Details and Who to Contact

Communications - Schedules available 24 hrs/7 days a week

The Glendale Police Department is seeking volunteers to work within the Communications Division. Participants will have the opportunity to work within a live 911 center and assist professional dispatchers with various clerical tasks. This position requires a six-month commitment in exchange for valuable law enforcement experience, a letter of recommendation and a national TOC Certification.

Participants will work within Glendale’s digital records management system and the national criminal justice database (ACJIS/NCIC) processing data validations. Once participants have demonstrated proficiency, they will be provided instruction on how to make basic entries into the ACJIS/NCIC database, including tows, stolen vehicles, and missing persons. Volunteers will then earn the opportunity to man a position on the dispatch floor and will process ACJIS/NCIC exchanges with external law enforcement agencies. Exemplary participants will be trained in the use of the 911 phone system to process routine requests for data entry and non-emergent calls.

Property and Evidence – Schedules available Daytime hours, 2 hours/day, 2-3 days a week

You will learn to process DPS Lab Result returns for case follow up by detectives, assist with the weekly inventory process, and item disposition paperwork.  The ability to maintain confidentiality is key. Computer skills, inventory skills, and working knowledge of Microsoft Office is helpful.  For more information please contact Marie Shepherd 623-930-3282 or

Detention/City Jail - Schedules available 24 hrs/7 days a week

You will work with Detention Officers and assist with transporting prisoners downtown to the Madison jail and court, complete paperwork, file and answer phones; ability to work within specific guidelines and ability to maintain confidentiality. Must possess a valid AZ driver’s license and good driving record. For more information please contact Marie Shepherd 623-930-3282 or

Public Fingerprints - Day, 2 hrs/day, 2-3 days/week

You will learn to take ink fingerprints and complete necessary paperwork for the public. Must be available a minimum of 2 hours per week during business hours. For more information please contact Marie Shepherd 623-930-3282 or

Victim Assistance – Schedules available - Variies
Most of us know someone that has been a victim of a crime.  A neighbor, a relative, a friend and sometimes even ourselves.  It’s unfortunate, but crimes take place every day.  Whether it is an Assault, a Burglary or even a Homicide, victims of crimes often need immediate assistance to deal with what has happened.  For over 33 years, the Victim Assistance Unit of the Glendale Police Department has been there to help.  A large part of our assistance comes from caring volunteers that want to give back to their communities and lend a helping hand. 

  • Mobile Team - On-call assignments available.
    Provide support and referral assistance to victims and families; act effectively in emergency and crisis situations; experience in counseling, victim support field is preferred; must complete mandatory training; must have good driving record and a valid AZ Driver's License; ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Caseworker - 
    Volunteers are needed to provide crisis intervention when requested by law enforcement. This is done either through on-call shift work or by riding in the mobile crisis unit. Some examples of calls are family and neighborhood disputes, sexual assault, suicide, homicide, death notification, armed robbery, burglary, domestic violence and child abuse. Shifts are available 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Schedules can fit personal and family commitments.
  • Clerical Support - 
    Volunteers are needed to help with office duties that include supporting walk-in clients, making phone contacts, clerical work or completing threat assessments. Other general office duties such as filing, typing, data entry and compiling the volunteer newsletter are also needed. Speaking to community groups, training and developing new projects and community debriefings are other areas of potential involvement.

City Court Advocacy – Schedules available – Weekends/Holidays
Volunteers are needed for weekends and holiday schedules to provide advocacy in the city court. This activity provides a unique opportunity to learn about the Criminal Justice System and a wide variety of cases including domestic violence and assault. Advocates work with the court and the victim to make sure the victim's voice is heard for arraignments. 

For more information on these Victim Assistance positions, please contact the VA Volunteer Coordinator at 623-930-3720 or email


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