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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

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Police Call and Crime Information

The Glendale Police Department has three online search applications. These applications are for geographic areas within the city.  Specific address information can be obtained by contacting Glendale Police Records staff at (623) 930-3100. Police Records also can provide copies of reports and accident reports. There may be a fee for this service and certain restrictions apply.

Calls for Service

Calls for service are those calls that generate some type of response from the police department. They may be handled by an officer(s) dispatched to the scene, a station officer taking the report over the phone or in the lobby, or by Communication’s personnel by taking an information report.  If a crime has occurred, then an offense/criminal report is generated from the call for service. In either case, a report number is assigned and included in the total. About 25 percent of the calls for service result in offense/crime report.

NEW! Neighborhood Update

Neighborhood Update is a new resource for the public to use to track calls for police service in the City of Glendale.  It is currently being beta-tested, but will eventually replace the Public CADMine link under View Calls for Service above.

Offense/Crime Reports

When a call for service becomes an offense/crime report, a Uniform Crime Report (UCR) number is assigned to the primary offense. The UCR standards are used to compare with local and nationwide cities with similar populations. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) sets these standards. These totals can be viewed by a square mile and then further broken down by a quarter square mile.

Disclaimer:  The calls for service and offense/crime report information is subject to change based on review, reclassification or change in case status. The Glendale Police Department is not responsible for misinterpretation of this information and makes no reference or judgment as to the relative safety of any particular area or neighborhood. Some data may not be displayed due to confidentiality issues or because the incident was not located within the city limits.

Traffic Enforcement Request Form

The Glendale Police Department Traffic Unit actively responds to complaints of recurring speeding violations and other inappropriate driving infractions within the City of Glendale.  Community members may notify the police department of poor driving behavior by calling 623-930-2005 and providing information for a Traffic Enforcement Request (TER).  Your request will be forwarded to the Traffic Unit and an officer will be assigned to take enforcement action. 

You may also submit the Traffic Enforcement Request form on-line by providing the information requested below.   This form should be used for on-going speeding or driving problems in your neighborhood.

Stolen Property List

Form for inventory list of stolen property.         Stolen Property List (pdf)      

Stolen Property Tip Hotline

This form can be submitted directly to the police department to assist in collecting information about any on going suspected activity in your neighborhood involving stolen property.  If you are aware of any criminal activity as it relates to stolen property, including individuals actually involved in stealing property, suspect locations, buying and/or selling of stolen property, the Glendale Police would like to know about it.  Please indicate if you would take phone contact from police personnel if they have additional questions. Your information is valuable and we appreciate your assistance.  If you would like to make a regular police report about a theft, burglary, etc. please contact Communications at 623-930-3000 to file a police report and to obtain a report number.  A report can be made over the phone. (If you need to add stolen items to a report you have already made, please use the link above for a Stolen Property List.)

Narcotics Tip Hotline & Online Form

This form can be submitted directly to the police department to assist in collecting information about any on going suspected drug activity in your neighborhood. Or if you prefer, you can call the Narcotics Tip Line (623-930-3353) and use this form as a guide in supplying important information.

Please indicate if you would take phone contact from police personnel if they have additional questions. Your information is valuable and we appreciate your assistance.

Bias/Hate Crimes Unit

The Glendale Police Department documents and tracks all Bias/Hate Incidents and Crimes.  Victims should report any criminal activity to their local police department.  Bias crimes threaten our society, which is built upon the strengths of its diversity.  Bias Crimes not only victimize the individual, but also the entire community.

Bias/Hate Incidents are described as any non-criminal act, including words, directed at a person(s), motivated by a bias against a person or group, based on that person’s race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or disability, including distribution of hate materials in public places and to residential areas.

A Bias/Hate Crime commonly referred to as a Hate Crime is a criminal offense that occurred and the motive for doing that crime is proven to be driven by that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender or disability.

To report either a Bias/Hate Incident or a Bias/Hate Crime that occurred in Glendale, please call 623-930-3000 or use the form below for reporting hate or bias type incidents or report material distributed with the intent to provoke bias or hate crimes, within the city of Glendale.  If a criminal act was involved (theft, assault, etc.) please contact the police at 623-930-3000, to file a criminal report.


Public Records Request

Citizen Complaints

The Glendale Police Department is dedicated to protecting the rights of all citizens and we carefully investigate all complaints relating to police service and/or police misconduct. Our mission is to provide quality police service, and you can assist us in accomplishing this goal when you contact us regarding what you consider to be improper police conduct. We value your opinion and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Please provide as much information as you can and submit the form when completed. The Professional Standards Unit or the employee's supervisor may contact you during the process of their investigation.

PLEASE NOTE: This form should be used to file a citizen complaint related to police service and/or police misconduct. It is not intended to be used to file a police report. Click here for information on how to file a police report.

Fingerprinting Hotline

For information about fingerprinting services provided by the Glendale Police Department, please call (623) 930-3099.


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