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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

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Glendale Police Department Divisions & Squads - Traffic

Contact Information

  • Vehicular Crimes Squad: (623) 930-3495
  • Dayshift Motorcycle Squad: (623) 930-4043
  • DUI Motorcycle Squad: (623) 930-3409
  • Special Event Motorcycle Squad: (623) 930-4032
  • Tow Administrator: (623) 930-3255
  • Vehicular Crimes Squad email:
  • Tow Administrator:

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Unit Mission Statement

To promote the safe and expeditious flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic through effective and efficient traffic law enforcement and to deliver police traffic related services in a manner designed to reduce traffic collisions and their resultant fatalities and injuries.

Unit Values:

  • We believe integrity and professionalism are the foundation to community trust.
  • Traffic law enforcement and delivery of police traffic related services will be applied in a consistent and courteous manner.
  • We are committed to carrying out our traffic management responsibilities with full consideration of the requirements of judicial, engineering, educational, and administrative agencies involved in transportation management.
  • We are committed to promoting programs to inform and educate the motoring public as to conditions adversely affecting the safe movement of traffic and the countermeasure used to combat them, and other measure to enhance traffic safety.
  • We believe the prevention of traffic collisions is a primary responsibility and is aggressively pursued through voluntary compliance by the motoring public.
  • We actively solicit citizen participation in developing police activities and programs that impact our neighborhoods.

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Vehicular Crimes Squad

Glendale, AZ - PoliceThe Vehicular Crimes Squad (VCS) consists of a 'Hit and Run' section and a 'Traffic Collision Investigations' section. The Hit and Run section does follow-up of all collisions involving incidents where a driver leaves the scene without providing the necessary information. All drivers are required to provide their name, address and vehicle license plate number whenever they are involved in a collision.

The Traffic Collision Investigation section, investigates all collisions including fatal and serious injury collisions with the assistance of the Hit and Run Detectives.

Motorcycle Squad

This squad consists of three squads of motorcycle officers and they conduct traffic enforcement campaigns to include speed reduction, DUI detection, collision reduction, and commercial vehicle inspections. These units also assist the Vehicular Crimes Squad at major accident scenes. They assists with traffic control at special events such as Coyotes Home Games, 4th of July celebration, and Luke Days. The versatility of the motor officers allow them to be used in many functions within the city.

Motor Vehicle Division - Arizona Department of Transportation

The following information are some of the topics taken from the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division's Customer Service Guide and Driver License Manual, with their permission. Changes may have been made to the information since the time of publication. Please check their website for updates at:

Resident Definition:

State law requires that you obtain an Arizona driver license and registration immediately if any one of the following applies. If you:

  • Work in Arizona (other than for seasonal agricultural work
  • Place children in school without paying the tuition rate of a nonresident
  • Have a business with an office in Arizona, that bases and operates vehicles in this state
  • Obtain a state license or pay school tuition fees at the same rate as an Arizona resident
  • Have a business that operates vehicles to transport goods or passengers within Arizona
  • Remain in Arizona for a total of 7 months or more during any calendar year, regardless of your permanent residence
  • An "out-of-state" enrolled with 7 or more semester hours is not considered a resident, even if employed.

Failure to Stop at Accident:

If you are a driver involved in an accident where there is damage to a vehicle, injury or death, you are required by law to stop your vehicle at the scene of the accident, or as close as possible and immediately return to the scene. You must remain at the scene to:

  • Provide aid to any injured person, including making arrangements for medical treatment
  • Provide your name, address and license plate number
  • If requested, show your driver license to any person involved
  • Conviction for failure to comply will result in your driving privilege being:
  • Revoked for 5 years if involving death or serious physical injury
  • Revoked for 3 years if involving injury other than death or serious physical injury
  • Suspended for 1 year if involving only damage to a vehicle

Violation Points:

If you accumulate 8 or more points within any 12-month period, you may be required to attend Traffic Survival School or your driving privilege may be suspended up to 12 months.

8 - DUI
8 - Extreme DUI
8 - Reckless driving
8 - Racing on highways
8 - Aggressive driving
6 - Leaving the scene of an accident
6 - Failure to stop for a traffic signal, stop sign or to yield the right-of-way, causing death
4 - Failure to stop for a traffic signal, stop sign or yield the right-of-way, causing serious injury
3 - Speeding
3 - Driving over or parking in a gore area
2 - All other moving violations

Aggressive Driver’s Vehicle and Traffic Squad

New program that addresses aggressive drivers exhibiting high rates of speed, with a goal of reducing speed related accidents.

Aggressive Drivers Vehicle

The Glendale Police Department is keenly aware of the correlation between speed and traffic collisions. In order to gain compliance from the motoring public, the Traffic Services Unit takes enforcement action throughout the City of Glendale with the goal of reducing speed related accidents. Speed Enforcement Task Forces are organized throughout the year to focus the traffic enforcement resources in areas that exhibit high rates of speeding violations and traffic collisions. Coupled with media coverage, these task forces are instrumental in gaining voluntary compliance from drivers in the City of Glendale to change their driving behavior for community safety.

Slow Down LogoThe Governor's Office of Highway Safety provided grant funding to purchase an Aggressive Drivers Vehicle. This unmarked vehicle is equipped with emergency equipment and moving radar to detect aggressive drivers. This vehicle is generally undetectable by the motoring public and therefore is able to maneuver through traffic to identify aggressive drivers and take the appropriate enforcement action. The Aggressive Drivers Vehicle is a key component in the effort to reduce speed related traffic collisions.


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