Hiking Safely in Glendale Parks

Hiking Safely in Glendale Parks
Posted on 04/10/2020

It is one of the most beautiful times of year with sunshine and mild temperatures, so many of us are going to be outside, trying to stay active. However, with the current social distancing guidelines and many things being closed, the trails are becoming very busy.  Be sure that you are following these guidelines, from National Park and Recreation Association. 

Hike alone or with people you live with

Stay 6 feet apart

Carefully move over to let people pass

If passing somebody, give verbal signals

Carry out your own trash

Use hand sanitizer before and after you hike

Wear a mask but still follow other guidelines

Walk in your neighborhood to avoid crowds

Watch this informative video, from Glendale Parks and Recreation, and Glendale Media. 

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